Monday, March 11, 2013

LotR Inspired Ultrus Balrog Vinyl Figure by Skinner

Lord of the Rings Inspired Ultrus Balrog Vinyl Figure by Skinner

One Bog To Rule Them All!!! Skinner’s got a new hand painted, Lord of the Rings inspired colorway of his popular Ultrus Bog vinyl figure dropping today and it’s pretty freaking intense! Ultrus Balrog is one of the chief minions of the shadowed Lords of Mordor, sent to do the foulest of errands concerning the enemies of Morgoth, Sauron, and Melkor. What really makes these smoldering, fire lashed Bogs so awesome is they also have the heavy burden of the ring around their necks.

The LotR inspired Ultrus Balrog has a limited edition run size of only 10 pieces, includes a ring of power around its neck, and goes on sale at noon PDT today, Monday, March 11th, at Skinner’s online store for $300.
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