Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Transformers x Mimobot USB Flashdrives Series 2 - Bumblebee & Starscream

Transformers Mimobot USB Flashdrives by Mimoco - Starscream

The Blot is way late on this awesome release from Mimoco! The makers of Mimobot have teamed up once again with Hasbro to release a new wave of Transformers Mimobot USB flashdrives (see Wave 1 here). Wave 2 includes two of the most popular Transformers of all time…Generation 1 versions of Autobot Bumblebee and Decepticon Starscream. With his F-15 wings folded behind him, the Starscream Mimobot captures the Decepticon arrogance and power with a smirk all-knowing, and all-evil. You know he's out to control the universe when you see the Decepticon logo emblazoned on his tail fins.

Transformers Mimobot USB Flashdrives by Mimoco - Bumblebee

Starscream might succeed in his quest for total domination of your data files too, if it wasn't for the Bumblebee Mimobot. Bright yellow and sporting wheels that are ready to rrrroll-out!, Bumblebee Mimobot is as loyal a sidekick as anyone could hope for, and loyalty is what you need when you're relying on a friend to store and transport all your important docs, pics and music!

The Transformers Mimobot USB Flashdrives Series 2 are currently on sale through Mimoco’s online store and retail locations starting at just $19.99.
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