Thursday, July 2, 2015

2-Faced Mister Melty Vinyl Figure by Buff Monster

2-Faced Mister Melty Vinyl Head & Resin Body Figure by Buff Monster

This Friday, for the first time ever, Buff Monster will be releasing his popular 2-Faced Mister Melty head complete with a body! What really makes this release special is that while the head is cast in soft Japanese vinyl, the body is made from hand poured resin. This is Buff’s first ever vinyl/resin mixed parts figure! Available painted and unpainted, the painted version features a variety of bright colors and super nice gloss coat.

Each 2-Faced Mister Melty Vinyl Figure stands 3” tall, includes a brand new sticker and comes packaged in a bag with a header. The painted version will retail for $35, while the unpainted version is just $30. Both figures go on sale at 10am EDT tomorrow, Friday, July 3rd, at the Buff Monster online store.
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