Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kidrobot - 3 Inch Endangered Dunny Series

Coming very soon to a store near you (on May 21st to be exact) is Kidrobot’s latest 3 inch Dunny Series entitled Endangered! Kidrobot is getting wild on this super rare “hyper series” of animal themed Dunnys. The Endangered Dunny Series features 15 designs (including 2 chases) by 14 incredible artists.

Kidrobot - 3 Inch Endangered Dunny Series banner
Artists with Dunnys in the series include Amanda Visell, Aya Kakeda, Elizabeth Berdann, Chuckboy, Frank Kozik, Jeremyville, Joe Ledbetter, Kronk, Michelle Valigura, Mr. Shane Jessup, Sket One, Tad Carpenter, Triclops Studio and Touma. Rumor has it Kidrobot’s latest 3” Dunny series will be extremely limited edition, which is how Kidrobot is justifying yet another blind box price increase. The Endangered Dunny Series will now retail for $8.95 a box.

Kidrobot - Photo of the Complete 3 Inch Endangered Dunny Series
And just released yesterday by Kidrobot’s own Toy Baroness comes the above picture of all 13 standard animal Dunnys in the Endangered Series. (link) Can you identify which design goes with which artist? The Touma blue knuckle bear in the back left corner should be obvious. The furry lion is Chuckboy’s and the chainsaw wielding pig is none other than Sket One’s. I’ve figured out most of them, but will leave the fun in identifying them to you! More details to follow as they become available.