Monday, December 21, 2009

The New MattyImposter Contest by Faker Matty

Are you a fan of toys and action figures? Do you hate when companies destroy their own social media? Then join the revolution by joining “Faker Matty” and the gang at MattyImpostor as they rail against the establishment (i.e. Mattel and Faker Matty (like Masters of the Universe’s Faker a.k.a. Fake He-Man, get it?) skewers all the hilarity that is Mattel’s failing customer service at its new Facebook page

Faker Matty the official mascot of MattyImposter
As an added bonus, Faker Matty is holding a contest in honor of its new Facebook Fan Page. Everyone now has the opportunity to win an original "Faker Matty" or "BrattyDeleter" watercolor painting by artist Ryan Hipp. To enter, just become a fan of MattyImposter and when it hits 100 fans, Faker Matty will hold two (2) random drawings to win an original parody watercolor. These watercolors will make the perfect addition to any collector's toy room as a constant reminder of your favorite bumbling toy company.

Mattel's Matty from vs. MattyImposter's BrattyDeleter
The Blot’s hoping to host an upcoming installment of "Ask Faker Matty," so be on the look out! In the meantime, go check out the first ever installment of “Ask Faker Matty” here at Toyriffic.