Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Look: Cyborg Dunny by Chuckboy - 2tone Dunny Series

After posting a teaser image of Chuckboy’s Cyborg Dunny from Kidrobot’s upcoming 2tone Series a few weeks ago, KR president Paul Budnitz unveiled the final product yesterday and it looks sick! I love the prosthetic parts of Chuckboy’s Cyborg Cat, especially that right hand. I can only imagine what customizers are going to be doing with this all new Dunny mold.

Kidrobot 2tone Dunny Series - Cyborg 3 Inch Dunny by Chuckboy
It looks like there will be no official annoucement concerning Kidrobot’s next 3 inch blind box series, but from all the rumors I've heard it looks like this very limited series is dropping tomorrow! So if you want some of these limited edition Dunnys, start lining up now!