Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kings of Atlantis Resin Skulls by Argonaut Resins - Red, Blue, Yellow & Green

After lots of hints and teases, END of Argonaut Resins has unveiled his newest project, the Kings of Atlantis resin skulls! There will be ten Kings of Atlantis resin skull colorways, four of which you can see below. The first four Kings of Atlantis resin skulls to be revealed are the red War King, the blue Sky King, the yellow Sun King and the green Forest King.

Kings of Atlantis Resin Figures by Argonaut Resins - War King (Red), Sky King (Blue), Sun King (Yellow) & Forest King (Green)

The remaining and still unseen six Kings of Atlantis colorways are the indigo Sea King, the silver Peace King, the pink Love King, the gold Wealth King, the Bronze Wisdom King and the orange Vengeance King. Expect the first KoA release to be on or around Halloween. But what good are all powerful mystical magical crystal skulls without an intriguing back story? Each colored skull represents a different King of Atlantis and a different mystical power. What does it all mean? Read below to find out!

Kings of Atlantis Resin Figures by Argonaut Resins Packaging

The Story of the Kings of Atlantis: With great power comes great responsibilities…Ten powerful demi-god kings ruled the fabled island of Atlantis thousands of years ago. They all perished when their paradise was destroyed by the gods. All that remain are their skulls…each endowed with an incredible power that is passed onto whomever has the skull in their possession. They say too much power for one person is not a good thing…are you willing to take a chance and find out if this is true? More to come…