Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Lout Yoka Artist Proofs by Motorbot

To celebrate Motorbot’s first production toy, the Texas artist has released 15 Artist Proof Lout Yokas with some serious enhancements! Originally released by adFunture as part of its New York Comic-Con 2010 exclusive New Yorka Series, Motorbot’s taken his A/Ps Lout Yoaks the next level with custom accessories and a brand new s/n print.

The Lout Yoka Artist Proof and Custom Packaging Print by Motorbot

One of the reasons The Blot loves buying A/P figures, besides the ability to give my money directly to the artist, is because of the uniqueness of the figure. Often artists will embellish their A/Ps with extra paint or sell them as a set with anything from a print, to original artwork or a t-shirt. It’s the perfect mesh of custom figure and production piece, and Motorbot has done it all by including custom accessories, custom packaging and a print with his A/P Yokas.

The Lout Yoka Artist Proof Signed and Numbered Print by Motorbot

Each A/P Lout Yoka by Motorbot comes with a custom fez, a custom cigar, comes in signed and numbered custom packaging AND includes a signed and number 4”x5” print. Best of all, this can all be yours for just $30 from the Deadbear online store.  But do it quickly, as half of them are already gone.