Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Of Fur and Felt” Muppet Screen Print Set by Rhys Cooper

Nakatomi has just released for pre-sale a crazy three print set entitled “Of Fur and Felt” by Rhys Cooper. Each print features a different Muppet from Sesame Street and The Muppets (Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster and Animal) as if they really exited in the wild. Not only did Cooper come up with some awesome reinterpretations of my favorite Jim Henson creations, but I really love all the little details like the text at the bottom of each print and the inclusion of Oscar’s pet worm Slimey. Rhys even came up with an intricate back story for these prints which you can read below.

Of Fur and Felt Muppet Screen Print Set by Rhys Cooper - Monsterous Cookiebanditous

The “Of Fur and Felt” Muppet Screen Print Set by Rhys Cooper includes three 16”×20” six color screen prints: “Animalus Wyldapsychosis,” “Monsterous Cookiebanditous” and “Oscarvorus Grouchamaximus.” Each full set ordered will also include a 3 piece mini-print set of “original field-sketched drawings,” printed with metallic charcoal ink. This set of three 8”×10” prints will only be given to those who pre-order the full set.

Of Fur and Felt Muppet Screen Print Set by Rhys Cooper - Oscarvorus Grouchamaximus

“Of Fur and Felt can be pre-ordered now through the Nakatomi online store. The full set retails for $75 for the 3 prints, plus the 3 handbills, while the individual prints are $30 each. This pre-sale option expires on Monday, October 25th at Midnight CST, so be sure to get your orders in on time!

Of Fur and Felt Muppet Screen Print Set by Rhys Cooper - Animalus Wyldapsychosis

“The Study of Species in the Field of those Rare, Wonderful, Fur & Felt.
by Prof. J. Maury. 1859″

Professor J. Maury was a rare breed of man- a rugged explorer, a learned biologist, and most importantly- an exacting artist. His field studies of the varied fauna that he discovered on his journeys delighted and amazed readers of the scientific journals of the time, and provided fodder for the “Penny Dreadfuls” and children’s books. Professor Maury rose to almost super-star acclaim, though, after his discovery of the Sesame Islands and the completely unique creatures that populated them. These brand new plants and animals appeared to develop completely on their own evolutionary course, isolated from any of the seven continents. In retrospect, one must consider the veracity of some of Maury’s claims- that of a “shaggy, earless, tuskless, mammoth’” that was invisible until believed in, and singing fruits and vegetables that wanted to teach him about local hygiene customs. The scientific establishment would have easily laughed these new discoveries off, if it weren’t for the Professor’s previously unshakable reputation and the curiously colored pelts that he produced upon arriving back from his travels. He returned with pelts of shaggy green, the most unnatural blue, and even an impossibly two-headed purple pelt.

Of Fur and Felt Muppet Screen Print Set by Rhys Cooper - Original Field-Sketched Drawings Mini Print Set

The real tragedy of Professor Maury’s story, however, is that the location of the islands was a closely guarded secret, and all records of the exact directions were lost. Many an evolutionary scholar begged him to reveal the coordinates, and even his contemporary, Charles Darwin was overheard visiting Prof. Maury on his deathbed, whispering into his ear: “Can you tell me how to get…how to get to the Sesame Islands?”

The lasting legacy of Professor Maury is his amazing field studies of the wildlife he found there, and Rhys Cooper has adapted these drawings in a series of silkscreened prints for Nakatomi available now for pre-order!