Tuesday, October 26, 2010

VinylHearts.com - A Benefit for Andy Heng of ToysREvil

When The Blot first learned early last week that Andy "TOYSREVIL" Heng had been admitted to the hospital after suffering a partial stroke I was stunned to say the least. Here was someone I had never met, yet felt so close to after reading his blog religiously for the past five years. Andy is a terrific blogger and an inspiration to toy bloggers everywhere, so of course when I heard the news of his illness I wanted to do something…but what? Thankfully artist Cris Rose sprung into action and created VinylHearts.com, a website where the entire designer toy community could come together and help one of its own.

Andy Heng of TOYSREVIL.net

VinylHearts.com has been a great source of news on Andy’s condition, and even features messages from Andy and his family. The website is also a place where you can offer support, donations and well-wishes to Mr. TOYSREVIL. Artists from around the globe have also chipped in by offering up customs, artwork and A/Ps for sale/auction with all of the proceeds being donated to Andy to help with his medical bills.

It’s been amazing to see the community come together like this, and I recommend all readers of The Blot Says… to head over to VinylHearts.com to see what you can do! Thanks for everything Andy, you are in The Blot's thoughts and prayers. Get better soon!