Friday, August 31, 2012

ParaNorman Action Figures by Huckleberry

ParaNorman Action Figures by Huckleberry - Norman (With Hand), Norman (With Toothbrush), Neil & Alvin

After debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 earlier this summer with a number of SDCC exclusive figures, Huckleberry has now released their full line of ParaNorman action figures based on the hit stop-motion animated film by LAIKA! This highly detailed toy line features eight 4” figures encompassing all of the film’s core characters and a number of really spooky zombies. The Blot absolutely loved this film when I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and this series of toys really brings those characters to life all over again.

ParaNorman Action Figures by Huckleberry - Zombie Judge, Zombie Lemuel, Zombie Amelia & Zombie Will

Huckleberry’s line of ParaNorman action figures include Norman in pajamas, Norman with a zombie hand, Neil, Alvin, and four Zombies (Judge Hopkins, Lemuel Spalding, Amelia Wilcott and Will London). All eight figures retail for around $10-15 and are in stores now!

The Chardmonster Custom Figure by Huck Gee

The Chardmonster Custom Vinyl Figure by Huck Gee

Huck Gee is back with another new custom creation! The clothing and accessories Huck comes up with for each new figure always blows my mind, even when the figure is as simple as The Chardmonster. The Blot honestly doesn’t know what’s going on with The Chardmonster, but it looks like it just ate a Munny! Each hand made custom figure comes signed and numbered by Huck, includes all of the accessories shown here, and comes packaged in its own hand assembled and laser etched wooden box. Only 10 Chardmonsters were created in all, with each figure retailing for $750. Sold on a first come, first served basis, anyone interested in picking up one of these crazy looking figures should email Huck immediately at

Gather round close. Pull up your cloaks. Stoke the fire. Raise a toast. Are the tales true? Here, here in these woods? With bottles of mischief and magical goods! He shuffles, he stumbles, he watches and waits. He lurks and he drinks and he'll keep us up late. Keep away! Keep away! Nobody's safe! The Chardmo, the Chardmo, the Chardmonster's here!

kaNO’s Sketch Series 1 Drops Today!

kaNO Sketch Series 1 - Custom Mini Munny Vinyl Figuress

After a few weeks of teasing a new custom series was in the works, kaNO finally dropped the big announcement on us last night! Later today he’ll be releasing the first wave of figures in his new “kaNO Sketch Series”, a series of sketched up blind box releases sold exclusively in the kaNO kid online store. For Series 1, kaNO used Kidrobot’s Color Mini Munnys as the platform. There are 8 different vibrantly colored customs in kaNO Sketch Series 1, each featuring a unique design and including a matching KR Munny accessory.

kaNO Sketch Series 1 - Custom Mini Munny Vinyl Figuress

The Blot’s actually glad kaNO decided to releases these as a blind box series, because there is no way I could pick a favorite. I love the yellow Munny up front with that killer expression, but the purple devil in the black and that blue kid with the pinwheel are pretty sweet as well. You really can’t go wrong with any of the figures in this series! Each is definitely unique but all show off kaNO’s signature style in different ways.

The kaNO Sketch Series 1 featuring the Mini Munny platform drops today, Friday, August 31st, at 12pm PST at the kaNO online store.

Kidrobot 10th Anniversary Mini 'Bot by Tristan Eaton

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention Exclusive Kidrobot 10th Anniversary Mini 'Bot Vinyl Figure by Tristan Eaton

This weekend is the 2012 Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention, and according to its website Tristan Eaton will be releasing a STGCC Exclusive Kidrobot 10th Anniversary Mini Bot there! Thanks to Vinyl Pulse, we have the awesome pictures above, and man does this vinyl figure look slick! This beautiful black and gold 3” ‘Bot features a “10” on its chest (for KR’s 10th Anniversary) and Tristan’s autograph on its back. I’m really hoping this is not a STGCC exclusive as advertised, because I know a ton of diehard Kidrobot fans who are already itching to get their hands on this 10th Anniversary figure.

The Kidrobot 10th Anniversary Mini ‘Bot by Tristan Eaton has a limited edition run size of just 300 pieces and can be purchased this weekend at Tris’ STGCC booth E15.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Custom Forest Warlord Vinyl Figures by Skinner

Custom Forest Warlord Vinyl Figure by Skinner

Speaking of Bigfoot One’s Forest Warlord, check out this incredible new custom by Skinner! According to Skinner’s Instagram account there are at least two of these mind blowing custom Forest Warlords in existence, and The Blot’s hoping there are even more of these in the works. I’ve always loved Skinner’s use of colors and this series of customs might be his best yet. Just look at those piercing eyes and blood red teeth! The detailing on this guy is exquisite.

What I like best about this figure is Skinner’s use of black. There’s so little of it used to just accent some of the figure’s details, and yet it really shines surrounded by all these vibrant metallic colors. Look for more details about this exciting release from the Skinnman to come as soon as they’re announced!

The Walking Dead Plush Figures by Peek-A-Boo Toys

The Walking Dead Plush Figures by Peek-A-Boo Toys

These The Walking Dead plush figures have to be considered one of the weirdest TWD licensed products ever released! Produced by Peek-A-Boo Toys, the leading manufacturer of amusement, vending and carnival plush figures in the United States, these The Walking Dead plush figures are sure to be popping up in your local claw crane arcade games any day now. Based on the hit Image comic book, Peek-A-Boo Toys’ Walking Dead line features six different figures: Sherriff Rick Grimes, Michonne, a Male Zombie, a Female Zombie, a Gray Tombstone and a Black Tombstone.

The Walking Dead Plush Figures by Peek-A-Boo Toys - Sherriff Rick Grimes, a Female Zombie, a Male Zombie, a Gray Tombstone, Michonne & a Black Tombstone

The Blot really digs the idea behind this line, but all in all the figures are just too cuddly. And without that sherriff’s hat, the Rick Grimes plush figure looks nothing like the character it’s based on. But how freaking cute is the katana wielding Michonne plush!?! It seriously redeems the whole line! And while I prefer my zombies bloody, it is a nice touch that both plush zombies are at least missing a limb. Look for these The Walking Dead plush figures to invade a store near you starting this October 2012.

Kidrobot Exclusive Orange Forest Warlord by Bigfoot One

Kidrobot Exclusive Orange Forest Warlord Vinyl Figure by Bigfoot One

One of The Blot’s favorite figures of 2012 is about to be released with a vibrant new color scheme! For its sixth colorway, Bigfoot One’s Forest Warlord comes in a psychedelic array of orange, green, yellow and blue, and will be sold exclusively at Kidrobot’s retail locations and This massive new figure stands a whopping 11” tall and has a limited edition run size of just 50 pieces, making it the most limited Forest Warlord colorway yet!!!

Kidrobot Exclusive Orange Forest Warlord Vinyl Figure by Bigfoot One

The Kidrobot Exclusive Orange Forest Warlord vinyl figure by Bigfoot One goes on sale soon, so keep your eyes peeled on for its release where you’ll be able to purchase one for $95 each.

DC Comics x Mondo Screen Print Series - The Batcave by JC Richard

DC Comics x Mondo Screen Print Series - The Batcave by JC Richard

To The Blot’s delight, Mondo is continuing it's beautiful DC Comics Screen Print Series designed by JC Richard! Later today Mondo will be releasing its second DC Comics locale print entitled “The Batcave." As a huge comic book fan the only thing I can see about this print is that it’s seriously freaking awesome! I love all the little Batcave details JC included, like Batman’s giant Lincoln penny, his oversized Joker playing card, the full size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex and even the glass case display of Jason Todd’s Robin costume that Batman constructed as a memorial to his second Robin after Jason’s untimely death.

DC Comics x Mondo Screen Print Series - The Batcave Details Close Up by JC Richard

The Batcave by JC Richard is a 20”x29” hand numbered screen print. It has a limited edition run size of 500 pieces, and can be purchased at the Mondo online store today, Thursday, August 30th, at a random time for $50 each.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Green Series by Dead Hand Toys

The Green Series Resin Figures by Dead Hand Toys

This Thursday, August 30th, Brian Ahlbeck (the artists formally known as Lysol) of Dead Hand Toys will be releasing an all new batch of hand cast resin figures! Entitled simply “The Green Series”, this release will include 24 figures of Brian’s popular character from Tenacious ToysResin is King blind box series. The Blot has scoured the internet trying to find out what this figure’s name is, but I can’t find it listed anywhere! I guess it’s time to do a little investigative reporting (i.e. contacting Brian) to find out more about this interesting looking resin monster.

The Green Series by Dead Hand Toys will be comprised of almost complete 1 offs all in different shades of green. As you can see from the photo above, it will include green clear tints, florescent greens, metallics, marbled resin and so much more! With 24 figures The Blot is sure Brian’s got a few surprises lined up. Each figure will retail for $25 and can be purchased tomorrow, August 30th, at 12pm EST at the Dead Hand Toys online store.

Kolorines Wooper Looper Custom Vinyl Figure by Frank Mysterio

Kolorines Wooper Looper Custom Vinyl Figure by Frank Mysterio

The Blot was so really excited when I stumbled upon Frank Mysterio’s custom sales thread on the KR Forum. Not only did he have some amazing colorful customs for sale, but he’s offering what I assume is the first ever custom Wooper Looper! As you know I’m a huge fan of Gary Ham’s first sofubi (soft Japanese vinyl) figure, and it’s pretty cool to see another talented artist’s take on the figure. Besides all the crazy colors, I love all the little shapes and doodles Frank added to Wooper Looper all over his body. The coolest part may be the white smoke coming out of his left eye. Great work Frank!

The Kolorines Wooper Looper Custom Vinyl Figure by Frank Mysterio is currently on sale for $120 and can be purchased by contacting Frank directly.

New Dunkeys Vinyl Figures by CoolRain

MINDstyle: Dunkeys 23 Figure by CoolRain

Korean artist CoolRain is teaming up with MINDstyle once again, this time to release production versions of his popular Dunkeys figures. Inspired by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Dunkeys are monkeys who dunk sporting NBA game apparel. While I hate Michael Jordan (hey, The Blot’s a Lakers fan), I kinda dig these figures…much more so than the blind boxed NBA line CoolRain released through MINDstyle last year. At least these Dunkeys have some originality to them. My primary issue with these vinyl figures is the same issue I had with that NBA series; their hands, arms and bodies look too much like Michael Lau creations.

MINDstyle: “Dunkeys Triple Threat” by CoolRain - Dunkeys 91 “Simius”, Dunkeys 23 “Pithecuse” and Dunkeys 3 “Mono”

CoolRain's “Dunkeys 23” (the first picture above) is an 18” production figure with a limited edition run size of just 300 pieces and retails for $275. CoolRain's “Dunkeys Triple Threat” is a series of three Chicago Bulls inspired 5” Dunkeys, each sold separately. Dunkeys 23 “Pithecuse”, Dunkeys 91 “Simius”, and Dunkeys 3 “Mono” each have a limited edition run size of 500 pieces and retail for $40 each. All four figures are currently available for pre-order and officially go on sale at retails worldwide on September 29th.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NFL TeenyMates Blind Bag Mini Figures

NFL TeenyMates Blind Bag Mini Figures by Party Animal Toys

Without a doubt this is The Blot’s favorite time of year…the start of football season! Since we’re just a week away from kickoff of the NFL’s 2012-2013 regular season, I wanted to get everyone into the mood for football by featuring a cute new line of NFL figures entitled TeenyMates. Created by Party Animal Toys, TeenyMates are 1” tall officially licensed NFL figures sold blind bag style in the same manner as LEGO’s immensely pop mini figure series. The Blot’s a big fan of Party Animal Toys’ popular line of 3” Lil’ Teammates (I’ve got a Texas Longhorns Lil’ Teammates running back on my desk at work), and I'm excited to check out this new NFL mini figure toy line.

NFL TeenyMates Blind Bag Mini Figures by Party Animal Toys

NFL TeenyMates are great for kids (ages 4 and up) and collectors alike, and actually feature some amazing details for such tiny figures. Each foil bag pack comes with 2 random quarterbacks and 2 puzzle pieces. Once you’ve collected all 35 double-sided puzzle pieces they combine to form a puzzle that allows you to build a collector mini-poster featuring all 32 QBs on one side and a football field display set on the other. There are 32 quarterbacks in the NFL TeenyMates, 1 for each team in the league, plus 3 hard-to-find rare chases: a Throwback QB, a Metallic Gold QB, and a Glow-in-the Dark QB!

NFL TeenyMates Blind Bag Mini Figures by Party Animal Toys

Now available at Target, team shops, and sporting goods, gift and toy stores across the nation, NFL TeenyMates can be purchased for just $3.99 per blind bag. These fun little toys are also available through Amazon as a four bag bundle (that’s 8 figures in all) for $19.95 here. Look for additional TeenyMates leagues to be released soon!

Coming Soon: VISEone's Tube Monster Vinyl Figure!

Zombie Juice Edition Green Tube Monster Vinyl Figure and Packaging by VISEone

The more I see of VISEone’s Tube Monster, the German artist’s first original vinyl figure, the more The Blot wants one! With its release scheduled for late September, VISEone gave us our first look at the figure’s first three through Instagram and his newsletter. First up is the green Zombie Juice Edition Tube Monster, followed by the red Tomato Edition and the all black Black Edition.

Tomato Edition Red and Black Edition Tube Monster Vinyl Figures by VISEone

These 3.5” vinyl figures are produced by Flying LuLu and will make their debut at New York Comic-Con 2012, where VISEone will be on hand for a signing at Tenacious Toys’ NYCC booth. After that, look for the Tube Monster to invade designer toy stores worldwide later this year!

Ni Ni Bot Moss Ambush Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

Ni Ni Bot Moss Ambush Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

Today ESC Toy released Erick Scarecrow’s newest creation, Ni Ni Bot Moss Ambush! Erick always creates exciting new characters, but The Blot especially loves the look of Ni Ni Bot Moss Ambush. I think it’s Ni Ni’s wooden face and all of the cool details on her head that really make this resin figure something special. Each 6.5" hand painted resin figure comes signed and numbered, and come with a unique serial number/hologram label. Limited to just 15 pieces, Ni Ni Bot Moss Ambush can be purchased through the ESC Toy online store for $125 each.

Ni Ni Bot Moss Ambush Story: The Papa Sama's price for forging a Ni Ni Bot's blade isn't cheap. In fact, fortunes have been offered for these specialty metals. Due to a blood contract between the Papa Samas and Ni Ni Bot Clan, they know very well not to offer the metals to outside customers. The Ni Ni Bot are discreet as to where they get payment from, and only their victims know where the payment comes from right before they're disposed of. She always lets them know the price that was paid in full for their lives right before the end. Ni Ni Bot has a special arsenal that includes: her sword, ninja star hair clip, camouflage suit, and a bat that enables her to glide from tree to tree. Besides being paid assassins, they are often hired to protect valuable collections and estates.

Halloween ComicFest Exclusive The Walking Dead B&W Minimates 2 Pack - Dale & Female Zombie

Halloween ComicFest Exclusive The Walking Dead B&W Minimates 2 Pack by Diamond Select Toys - Dale & Female Zombie Action Figures

This October comic shops across the country will be participating in the first annual Halloween ComicFest, which is kind of like Free Comic Book Day but scarier! Participating comic book shops will have special giveaways and limited-edition comics, as well as some really cool Halloween-themed merchandise. Diamond Select Toys is participating in the event as well, and will be releasing an exclusive The Walking Dead Comic Minimates 2 pack!

DST has taken their rare chase variant Winter Coat Dale and Female Zombie 2 pack from The Walking Dead Minimates Series 1 and repainted it in an even rarer black and white color scheme, just as they originally appeared in the popular B&W comic book by Robert Kirkman! Each set will retail for around $15, but since these will be pretty rare be sure to tell your local comic shop to order a set for you in time for Halloween 2012.

Nick Fury, Hawkeye & Black Widow The Avengers Movie 100% Be@rbricks

Marvel's The Avengers Movie 100% Be@rbricks by Medicom - Black Widow, Nick Fury & Hawkeye Vinyl Figures

A few weeks ago when Medicom announced its Marvel’s The Avengers Movie 100% Be@rbrick 4 pack The Blot was pretty bummed because we weren’t getting Be@rbricks of Nick Fury, Hawkeye or the Black Widow. Thankfully Medicom heard my complaints and is now putting out Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Black Widow 100% Be@rbrick!

All three will be sold individually, but to get Black Widow you also have to buy an Avengers t-shirt. To me this seems a little backwards, since I’d image it would be a lot easier to sell Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk individually than Fury, Hawkeye or Black Widow. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to release a 4 pack with say Cap and these three? Regardless, I’m just glad collectors will be able to complete their Avengers movie roster.

All three limited edition Avengers Movie 100% Be@rbricks seen here go on sale August 31, 2012. No word yet if these will be available in the US.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The World of POP! Vinyl Figures Volume 1 by Funko

World of POP! Volume 1 Hardcover Coffee Table Book by Funko

Funko’s Pop! series is without a doubt the most diverse toy line in history, combining more licensed properties than I can even list here. Seriously, the line features super heroes, movie actors, musicians, Disney characters and everything in between! To commemorate this successful line of cute vinyl figures, Funko is releasing a hardcover book documenting all of their releases to date entitled “World of Pop! Volume 1”.

This artistic high-end coffee table book is a full color guide of each and every Funko Pop! released so far, including The Avengers, Elvis, Mickey Mouse, and LeBron James, with amazing photographs of Pop! vinyl figures in various settings and backgrounds. This amazing collection makes a great gift for fans of Funko and its popular line of Pop! vinyl figures. Funko’s World of Pop! Volume 1 hardcover hits books stores everywhere this September, but you can preorder this pretty lengthy book at Entertainment Earth for just $29.99 here.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Teaser Poster

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Teaser Television Poster

We’re just a few weeks away from the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy’s fifth season, and The Blot can’t wait! Since the show’s first episode on FX, SoA quickly became not only one of my favorite shows on television but one of the few shows I had to watch live. While the first season may have started slow, the Sons of Anarchy is one of those rare shows that has consistently gotten better each and every year.

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Teaser Television Banner

I think one of the things I love about it the most is how I never know what’s going to happen next. Most shows these days have become so predictable, while SoA continues to go out on a limb and put their characters in unwinnable (and unbelievable) situations. SAMCRO may not always come out on top, but they always seem to find a way out of even the stickiest of situations. Only question now is how will Jax and Clay continue to co-exist now that all of last season’s indiscretions have come to light!?! I for one can’t wait to find out!

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, September 11th, at 10/9c on FX.

Ironclad Decimator Dunny by Doktor A

Kidrobot: Ironclad Decimator Dunny by Doktor A - Regular & Mecha Rupture Edition

Earlier this month, The Blot speculated that the next 8” Dunny we’d see released by Kidrobot would be the Ironclad Decimator by Doktor A after the design showed up in KR’s fall clothing line, and low and behold The Blot was right! Doesn’t this figure look incredible!?! Honesty, you could put Dok A’s Rupture design on just about anything and it would look good, but this Mecha Rupture is especially nice. I just hope Kidrobot’s quality control is working overtime on this highly detailed release.

Kidrobot: Ironclad Decimator Dunny by Doktor A - Regular & Mecha Rupture Edition

Doktor A’s first 8 inch Dunny, the Ironclad Decimator, will be available in two editions: the first is shades of metallic silver and gold, with a uniquely sculpted head and body, and a transparent blue lightning bolt accessory between the ears. This edition is a Kidrobot Exclusive and only available for purchase at Kidrobot stores and The Mecha Rupture Edition is matte pink with a black and white high gloss head and details, a uniquely sculpted head and body, and a black transparent lightning bolt.

The Mecha Rupture edition is a Wholesale Exclusive and only available at select retailers worldwide. Each Ironclad Decimator Dunny Edition has a limited edition run of just 600 pieces (with a 1 in 6 chase!) and will retail for $75 each starting Thursday, September 6th.

Jeremy Bulloch “Man Inside The Mask” Bootleg Boba Fett Star Wars Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Jeremy Bulloch “Man Inside The Mask” Kitbashed Bootleg Boba Fett Star Wars Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

The Blot’s been dying to share with you this awesome kitbashed bootleg Star Wars figure ever since I first found out about it a few weeks ago. If you’re not familiar with Jeremy Bulloch, he’s the actor who played my favorite Star Wars character Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy. Killer Bootlegs wanted to pay tribute to the “Man Inside The Mask” and made this sick resin bootleg by combining a vintage Boba Fett body with the head of Commander Adama action figure from the original Battlestar Galactica series. If you know what Mr. Bulloch looks like, it’s really a spitting image of the man. I don’t know how they ever passed that head sculpt as Lorne Greene (who portrayed Commander Adama in the original ABC TV series).

But it’s not just the figure that makes this such an awesome release! The blistercards were designed by Mike Mancuso (of Sixty Bones Press and, who did a masterful job layering Boba Fett’s helmet with the profile of Jeremy Bulloch. I love how it ties together the “Man Inside The Mask” theme of the figure. Even better still, Killer Bootlegs got these figures signed by Jeremy Bulloch a few weeks ago at Wizard World Chicago. How freaking cool is that!?! KB definitely went above and beyond putting this release together.

The Jeremy Bulloch “Man Inside The Mask” Bootleg Boba Fett Star Wars resin figure by Killer Bootlegs is limited to just 5 signed pieces, and will go on sale in early September exclusively at Tenacious Toys.

3D Retro Exclusive Toxic Taste GID Ice Scream Man 2 Pack by Brutherford

Brutherford Industries has teamed up with 3D Retro to release a very special Ice Scream Man 2 pack! The Toxic Taste Edition Ice Scream Man 2 Pack includes both a full sized and a mini bright Glow in the Dark Green Ice Scream Men with all back cones! A pretty stunning colorway if you ask The Blot. Both figures come packaged together in a special edition glow box and the full sized Ice Scream Man comes hand signed and numbered by Brutherford.

The 3D Retro Exclusive Toxic Taste Ice Scream Man 2 Pack by Brutherford Industries has a limited edition run size of just 25 sets and can be purchased at the 3D Retro online store for $84.95.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Atomic Robo Skateboard by Freak Show

Atomic Robo Longbox Series Skateboard by Freak Show

Freak Show unveiled the second release in its Longbox Series of comic book inspired skateboards, and this time it’s a deck featuring Atomic Robo! Atomic Robo is a killer indie comic by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, and produced by Red 5 Comics. Comic fans everywhere are talking about this series, so you know people will be lining up to get their hands on this skateboard.

The Atomic Robo Longbox Series Deck is a 7 ply, PRO skateboard with an amazing graphic by Atomic Robo co-creator Scott Wegener. This awesome board will be sold by Freak Show in two ways: an unsigned version for you to shred it up, and a super limited edition signed version that will be signed by both creators of Atomic Robo, Brian and Scott! The unsigned deck currently retails for $39.99 at the Freak Show online store. For those of you interested in the signed version, email Freak Show at to find out about its availability.

Star Wars Disney Vinylmation Series 2

Star Wars Vinylmation Series 2 - Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo & Obi Wan Kenobi

This weekend at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Disney will finally be releasing the Vinylmation series fans everywhere have been clamoring for…Star Wars Vinylmation Series 2! For its second Star Wars release Disney decided to turn the series upside down and redesign the entire line. From the pictures The Blot's seen so far it looks like they really did a great job with it! I love how the artists utilized the figures’ ears to tell part of the story and set the stage for each figure. My only complaint is how many of the exact same version of these characters included in both Star Wars series.

Star Wars Vinylmation Series 2 - Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, X-Wing Pilot & Tusken Raider

Star Wars Vinylmation Series 2 features twelve characters from Episode IV: A New Hope, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, a X-Wing Pilot, a Tusken Raider, Greedo, Ponba Baba, Muftak and the mystery chaser Garindan. This series will be on sale at all Disney theme parks starting this Friday and will retail for around $15 per blind box.

Star Wars Vinylmation Series 2 - Greedo, Garindan, Ponba Baba & Muftak

Disney is also releasing a very special Star Wars Celebration VI exclusive figure this weekend. The exclusive Hologram Princess Leia Star Wars Vinylmation figure has a limited edition run size of 2,500 and will retail for $18.95 at Disney’s Celebration VI booth #331.

Star Wars Celebration VI Exclusive Hologram Leia Vinylmation Vinyl Figure

Companion: Resting Place Vinyl Figure by Kaws

Companion: Resting Place Vinyl Figure by Kaws

The past few years has been really hard on Kaws’ toy collectors. The artist’s output has been so up and down lately, it’s been hard to call some of his releases designer art figures. In The Blot’s opinion they’ve been very uninspired, almost to the point of being lazy. With that being said, it hasn’t hurt sales one bit as his figures continue to sell out instantly upon release. While I haven’t been feeling a number of Kaws’ more recent releases, his new figure, Companion: Resting Place, is pretty freaking sweet!

The Blot’s a sucker for all things Dissected Companion and this figure looks incredibly well made. My only question is how tall (or long) this piece is. That’ll go a long way to justifying what I assume will be an extremely high price. Regardless, I feel like this figure at least takes Kaws back to a true designer art toy that will look incredible on anyone’s shelf.

Produced by Medicom Toy, the Companion: Resting Place by Kaws is approximately 9" tall, retails for $315, and goes on sale today, Friday, August 24th, at noon EST via the KAWSONE online store.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Entertainment Weekly Covers

Entertainment Weekly Issue 1222 The Walking Dead Season 3 Covers – August 31, 2012 - Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes; Danai Gurira as Michonne, David Morrissey as The Governor, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon & Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly will pay a special tribute to the upcoming third season of the hit AMC television show The Walking Dead! Not only that, but the issue will feature an official sneak peek into TWD Season 3. There are four covers in all including Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Danai Gurira as Michonne, David Morrissey as The Governor, and Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon and Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon. These might seriously be the best EW covers they’ve had in years! Just look at all the emotions all five of these characters are evoking in these still shots. 

Fans can order all four of the covers seen here directly from Entertainment Weekly for just $19.96, or any of the covers individually for 4.99 at their online store.

Justice League Logo Trexi Vinyl Figure Series

DC Comics x Play Imaginative Justice League Logo Trexi Vinyl Figure Series - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern & The Flash

DC Comics and Play Imaginative have teamed up to release a very interesting line of Justice League themed Trexi vinyl figures. The Justice League Logo Trexi Series brings you the logos of the Justice League’s main five members, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash, on Play Imaginative’s Trexi platform. I guess the JLA’s other two founding members, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter, just didn’t make the cut?

Each Justice League Logo Trexi features one character’s logo on a translucent Trexi sporting that hero’s signature color, and will retail for $10-15 each. These newly designed Trexi stand 2.5” tall, feature a sleek round head, and feature three points of articulation. Look for this exciting collaboration to hit store shovels sometime in September 2012.

Dweezil Dragon Vinyl Figure by Kronk

Kidrobot - Dweezil Dragon Vinyl Figure by Kronk

The Blot’s not sure when it happened, but Kidrobot is definitely in the Kronk business! The South African artist has put out some amazing releases these past few years, but Kronk’s newest creation may be his best yet! Meet Dweezil Dragon, Kronk’s third original sculpt produced by Kidrobot. Not only is this figure huge, but it’s crazy detailed with some wild accessories. My only question is with a $350 price tag how quickly will these bad boys fly off the shelf?

Kidrobot - Dweezil Dragon Regular Edition Vinyl Figure by Kronk

Kronk’s newest masterpiece is a rockin’, top hat sportin’, heart boxer wearin’, hookah smokin’, 15 inch vinyl Dragon named Dweezil. Caught midstride stepping straight out of Kronk’s imagination, Dweezil has both attitude and grace in 3D form. He commands attention, demands respect, and kicks ass.

Kidrobot - Dweezil Dragon Red Edition Vinyl Figure by Kronk

Available in two Editions, a black and blue Regular colorway and a red and gray Red colorway, Dweezil is limited to just 300 pieces of each variant. Pick one up today, Thursday, August 23rd, at Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers worldwide for $350 each.

First Look: The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl Figures by Funko

The Walking Dead Pop! Television Series 1 by Funko - Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, RV Walker & Bicycle Girl Vinyl Figures

The Blot has been waiting a REALLY long time for this announcement! For months now Funko has been teasing a line of The Walking Dead Pop! vinyl figures based on AMC’s hit television show, and today The Blot can finally share pictures of this epic new toy line! The Walking Dead Pop! Television Series 1 includes Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, RV Walker and one of the scariest zombies from the series known simply as Bicycle Girl.

Admit it, this line looks sick!!! I love both zombies, and the screwdriver in the RV Walker’s eye is a nice touch. I’m also really glad to see both Rick and Daryl come with their weapons of choice, a gun and a crossbow respectively. I assume this is why the boxes say these figures are for ages 17 and up. Hopefully Wave 2 will be released not too long from now and will include a certain katana wielding zombie killer.

Each Walking Dead Pop! Television Series 1 figure feature one point of articulation, stand 3.75” tall and come packaged in a full color displayable window box. The Walking Dead Pop! Series 1 is scheduled to hit stores everywhere on September 27th (just in time for The Walking Dead Season 3’s premiere on October 14th), but you pre-order them online from Entertainment Earth for $9.99 each here.

Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver Screen Print by Todd Slater

Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver Standard Edition Screen Print by Todd Slater

Later today Mondo’s bringing back its popular Star Trek: The Original Series Screen Print Series with a stunning design by one of The Blot’s favorite artists, Todd Slater! “The Corbomite Maneuver” is based on the tenth episode of TOS and features the kind of intricate design that’s become a staple of Slater prints. This is a perfect example of Slater’s amazingly detailed work, I just wish he had gone with something like this for his Breaking Bad print.

Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver Variant Screen Print by Todd Slater

The Star Trek print “The Corbomite Maneuver” by Todd Slater is an 18”x24” signed and numbered screen print. The Standard Edition print has a limited edition run size of 360 pieces and will retail for $40, while the Variant Edition has a limited edition run size of 130 pieces and will retail for $65 each. Both Star Trek: TOS prints go on sale at the Mondo online store today, Thursday, August 23rd, at a random time.

The Loyal Subjects x Transformers T-Shirt Collection Series 1

The Loyal Subjects x Transformers T-Shirt Collection Series 1 - Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock & Jazz

There’s been lots of speculation these past few weeks as to what kind of products might come out of The Loyal Subjects acquisition of a Transformers license from Hasbro. Well, now we know they’ll be releasing a cute new line of t-shirts featuring everyone’s favorite Autobots and Decepticons. To be honest, The Blot’s actually surprised by the collection’s simplicity. I was expecting something more from TLS than cute squatty versions of Transformers Generation 1 characters. They almost look like generic licensed Kidrobot 3” blind box figures.

The Loyal Subjects x Transformers T-Shirt Collection Series 1 - Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream & Thundercracker

The Loyal Subjects x Transformers T-Shirt Collection Series 1 includes ten designs in all, including eight character tees featuring Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock and Jazz, and Decepticons Megatron, Starscream, Soudwave and Thundercracker. There are also two logo tees, featuring Optimus Prime and Megatron’s names spelled out in Transformers logo font. These last two are especially ho hum.

The Loyal Subjects x Transformers T-Shirt Collection Series 1 - Optimus Prime & Megatron

Each t-shirt in The Loyal Subjects x Transformers Series 1 Collection comes in sizes S-XXL, and can be purchased for around $23.99 at The Loyal Subjects online stores and select retailers worldwide. Look for all ten designs to start popping up on store shelves this September, 2012.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DC Comics x Ecko Unltd Batman T-Shirt Collection

DC Comics x Ecko Unltd. Batman T-Shirt Collection - Black Wham, White Wham, City Run & White Mean Streets T-Shirts

DC Comics announced earlier this week it has teamed up with street wear designer Marc Ecko to launch a new line of limited edition Batman T-Shirts though Marc’s Ecko Unltd brand. Featuring DC Comics’ iconic Batman imagery, the t-shirt line incorporates Ecko’s signature design techniques including gel printing, carbon coating and 3D texturing. I really tried to get into Ecko’s Star Wars clothing line a few years ago but honestly, his “signature design techniques” really don’t do it for me. Sadly the same can be true for Ecko’s new Batman line. Great concept, but clearly The Blot’s not his target demographic.

DC Comics x Ecko Unltd. Batman T-Shirt Collection - Explosive, Dark Striper, Black Vandal Signal, Yellow Vandal SignalT-Shirts

The DC Comics x Ecko Unltd Batman T-Shirt Collection features designs that combine the breadth of the Batman brand with Ecko’s signature aesthetic and trendy design in t-shirt wear with bold images and bright colors. I’m sure this line will prove popular, but to me there are really only a few really cool designs in the collection. I love the retro “Wham” design featuring the old school blue and grey Batman, as well as the “City Run” design that features the outline of Gotham City in Batman’s portrait.

DC Comics x Ecko Unltd. Batman T-Shirt Collection - Spray Booth, Carbon Coated Logo & Black Mean Streets T-Shirts

The Batman T-Shirt Collection from Ecko Unltd. is now available for purchase at the Ecko Unltd. online store. The Batman tees retail for a very reasonably priced $19.50-24, and come in sizes S-3XL.