Friday, August 31, 2012

The Chardmonster Custom Figure by Huck Gee

The Chardmonster Custom Vinyl Figure by Huck Gee

Huck Gee is back with another new custom creation! The clothing and accessories Huck comes up with for each new figure always blows my mind, even when the figure is as simple as The Chardmonster. The Blot honestly doesn’t know what’s going on with The Chardmonster, but it looks like it just ate a Munny! Each hand made custom figure comes signed and numbered by Huck, includes all of the accessories shown here, and comes packaged in its own hand assembled and laser etched wooden box. Only 10 Chardmonsters were created in all, with each figure retailing for $750. Sold on a first come, first served basis, anyone interested in picking up one of these crazy looking figures should email Huck immediately at

Gather round close. Pull up your cloaks. Stoke the fire. Raise a toast. Are the tales true? Here, here in these woods? With bottles of mischief and magical goods! He shuffles, he stumbles, he watches and waits. He lurks and he drinks and he'll keep us up late. Keep away! Keep away! Nobody's safe! The Chardmo, the Chardmo, the Chardmonster's here!