Friday, December 28, 2007

The 2007 Forbes Fictional 15

Forbes.comThe Forbes Fictional 15 is back! Thanks to faithful reader Mark for alerting me to its release. The past three years Forbes has complied a list of the richest fictional characters as if they were flesh and blood (they even give a rationale for each character as to how they determined the character’s worth in today’s economic climate).

Daddy WarbucksThe characters that make up the list come from all different kinds of fiction, books, television, comics, movies and once even a real life e-mail campaign. The only complaint I have is that former #1, Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks (from Annie), has not only been unseated as the richest fictional character, but he has fallen completely out of the top 15. It must have been a very good year for the other 15 characters comprising this year’s list.

Scrooge McDuckMaking his first appearance in the number one spot as richest fictional character is none other than Scrooge McDuck. Rounding out the top 5 is Ming the Merciless (from Flash Gordon), Richie Rich, Mom (from Futurama) and Jed Clampett (from The Beverly Hillbillies). You can read about who rounds out the Forbes Fictional 15 list here.

Richie Rich
Lex LuthorI’m actually pretty disappointed in this year’s list in that many of the fictional characters I felt deserved to be on the list in years past were taken off for newer characters without a valid reason for their inclusion. After checking out the rest of the 2007 Forbes Fictional 15 take a look at the 2006 Forbes Fictional 15 and the 2005 Forbes Fictional 15 to compare. I’d love to hear thoughts from all of you on fictional characters that should need to be added to the list and which ones should have never been included on the list in the first place. I for one think Lex Luthor (from Superman) should always be ranked in the top 15…but then again what do I know?
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