Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 SDCC Exclusive Translucent Domo 2 Inch Qee

San Diego Comic-Con International logoDark Horse will be offering attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic Con the chance to grab a special exclusive variant of their upcoming series of Domo Qee vinyl figures. (link) The 2009 SDCC exclusive Domo Qee is a translucent variant produced in conjunction with Hong Kong based Toy2R. This SDCC exclusive 2” translucent version of Domo, the lovable mascot turned iconic viral superstar from Japan’s NHK television network, is the first figure from Dark Horse's new line of blind boxed Domo Qees to be released. The Domo Qee series, to be launched nationwide in August, is Dark Horse’s first try at the popular “blind box” or “mystery box” format. This special version will only be available directly from Dark Horse and Toy2R at the 2009 SDCC.

2009 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Translucent Domo 2 Inch Qee
What separates this Domo Qee blind boxed series and other similar mini-figure blind box series is that each Domo Qee box contains one component of a “Build-A-Domo” clear transparent figure. When the correct six components are accumulated, the buyer can put together the pieces to complete the bonus figure. There will not be a “Build-A-Domo” component in the 2009 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Domo Qee.

Blind Box Domo 2 Inch Qee SeriesThe Blot knows everyone recognizes Domo either from his many internet videos clips or his new found celebrity status at Target, but you may be unfamiliar on where this furry lil monster came from. Domo started from a very unusual place as an advertising icon. His unique look and personality catapulted the character from 400 television spots in Japan into one of the internet’s biggest sensations, sparking worldwide recognition. As the poster child for personalized, user-generated content, Domo has been able to transition from popularity within Japan to a worldwide following, spawning countless fan-made images, websites and videos, along with a varitey of licensed products including plush, toys, fashion and collectibles. Most recently Domo has taken America by storm, being featured prominently at major retailers all over the U.S. and even starring in his first worldwide manga.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Dunny Series by Nikejerk

When The Blot first saw this amazing hand painted set of 3 inch custom Dunnys I knew I was going to have to blog about them. The Blot has always been a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I, like most people in their late 20s/early 30s, first learned about the heroes in a half shell through their popular afternoon cartoon series, which also spawned a long running Archie comic books series and the awesomely cheesy Playmates Toys TMNT toy line. It is this version of the Ninja Turtles that Nikejerk’s Dunny series is based on.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dunny Series by Nikejerk
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dunny Series Blind Box Packaging by NikejerkAs I got older I moved on from the “kiddie” version and became an even bigger fan of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series by Eastman and Laird (and produced by Mirage Studios). The original black and white Mirage Studios series is still one of my favorites, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the animated/comedic version of the Turtles. That’s why I love this blind boxed TMND series by Nikejerk. If you don’t recognize everyone in the picture above, here is the complete list of TMNT characters included in Nikejerk’s TMND set: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello), Master Splinter, Shredder, April O’Neil, Casey Jones, Krang and his mechanical body, Bebop, Rocksteady, Metalhead, the Rat King, Baxter Stockman and Usagi Yojimbo.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dunnys (Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello & Leonardo) by Nikejerk
For more pictures of these amazing (and to see each figure close up) check out NikeJerk’s Flickr page here. While Nikejerk is selling this blind boxed series for $50 per figure, the list you need to get on to purchase one of these amazing custom Dunnys is closed. If you missed out in getting on the list there is still one other option, head over to and enter their Nikejerk TMND Giveaway!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost - Some Like It Hoth

Lost - Some Like It Hoth - Ken Leung as Miles StraumeAfter a week off due to a last week’s recap episode, The Blot is excited to talk a little Lost again. From the moment I read the title of this episode, “Some Like It Hoth,” I knew I was going to like it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good Star Wars reference. With the title referring to the frozen planet Hoth, I was wondering how the writers were going to tie Star Wars and/or Empires Strikes Back in to the story/back story of Miles Straume.

Lost - Whatever Happened, Happened - Ken Leung as Miles Straume & Jorge Garcia as Hurley ReyesThe writers of Lost didn’t disappoint with the awesome Star Wars themed discussion between Hurley and Miles. I know I’ve said this before, but it is amazing how two characters who had never interacted on screen before could instant chemistry. In past seasons I always felt like Sawyer and Hurley had the best verbal sparring on the show, but Hurley and Miles have officially taken over as The Blot's favorite "on screen couple" this season. The extended car ride between Hurley and Miles was a great scene, especially when you consider it was just these two tormented characters sitting there talking. It also helps when at one point they are talking about the parallels of Miles relationship to his father and the paternal relationship of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Lost - Some Like It Hoth - Francois Chau as Dr. Pierre Chang and a baby Miles StraumeMiles has become the main character on Lost we know the least about, even less than the mysterious Daniel Faraday and that’s saying a lot. But by the end of the episode I think everyone now has a better understanding of who Miles is and what drove him to the island. A friend of mine has been saying for months that Miles would end up being the son of Dr. Pierre Chang (a.k.a. Dr. Marvin Candle, a.ka. Dr. Mark Wickmund, a.k.a. Dr. Edgar Halliwax) that we met way back in Season 5, Episode 1. Needless to say, The Blot had to eat a lot of crow on this one when we quickly learned that Miles was in fact Chang’s son. I think the episode really was as much about Dr. Chang as it was about Miles. I thought it was neat to learn how much Chang really did love his son and that he probably drove off both Miles and his wife to save their lives from the impending purge.

Lost - Some Like It Hoth - Francois Chau as Dr. Pierre ChangLike always Lost slipped in a few references to prior episodes, which always makes The Blot very happy. It was interesting to learn how Miles was first recruited by Naomi to work for Charles Widmore, but what I really found interesting was finding out the significance of the amount it would cost Ben to have Miles switch sides and help him against Widmore’s people. While I always knew there had to be more to it than just a random number, it was funny to have it confirmed as double the amount Widmore was paying Miles to go on this mission. Miles really is always about the money isn’t he? And of course who didn’t love the random scene with Lost's newest bad guys who seem to always be spouting the phrase "what lies under the shadow of the statue?"

Tonight’s episode “The Variable,” Lost’s 100th episode, should be another good one. It looks to be a Daniel Faraday-centric episode, so I expect to learn some all new facts about the history/mythology of the island and where Faraday’s been the last three years (especially after reading the teaser for tonight’s episode). According to Lost’s official website “on the 100th milestone for the series, the time of reckoning has begun when Daniel Faraday comes clean regarding what he knows about the island.” If I didn’t know any better I’d swear that the beginning of the end was starting tonight!
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2009 Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup Poster

2009 Austin City Limits Music Festival Banner
Last night when The Blot finally got a chance to look at this year's ACL line up I got so excited I couldn't go to sleep. What got me this worked up!?! Two words: Pearl Jam. Yup, you read that right, Pearl Jam is finally returning to the Lone Star state to headline the 2009 Austin City Limits Music Festival. Did you know its been almost 6 years since PJ last played a show here in Texas? It's a fact that has bothered The Blot greatly these past few years, but thankfully the drought ends this October 2-4, 2009 at Zilker Park in Austin, TX!

Official 2009 Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup Poster
I've never attended ACL before, but you can rest assured I will this year. Although, now that weekend passes are $185 each I might have to settle with just going on Sunday to see Eddie Vedder and Co. It's a shame that weekend passes are so expensive because the 2009 initial lineup looks really awesome. It's definitely a huge improvement on last year's lineup.

2009 Austin City Limits Music Festival Line
Pearl Jam
Dave Matthews Band
Beastie Boys
Kings of Leon
Ben Harper and Relentless7
Thievery Corporation - John Legend
Ghostland Observatory - Sonic Youth
Mos Def - Toadies - Flogging Molly
The B-52s - Lily Allen - Arctic Monkeys
The Decemberists - Coheed and Cambria
Andrew Bird - Girl Talk - Phoenix
!!! - Medeski, Martin & Wood
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Grizzly Bear - Reckless Kelly - Devotchka
Blitzen Trapper - K' Naan - Daniel Johnston
Asleep at the Wheel - Dr. Dog - The Knux
Click here to see the entire 2009 ACL Lineup!
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OBEY Giant - Flower Vine Prints by Shepard Fairey

The Blot found out via Twitter yesterday that Obey Giant would be releasing its second print this week. The “Flower Vine” screen print, which will be released later today, comes in three colors, Black & Red, Black, and Red. I love Fairey’s pattern prints and the “Flower Vine” is no exception, especially when two of the flowers are replaced with the Obey/Andre the Giant has a Posse Star logo.

Black and Red Flower Vine Screen Print

OBEY Giant - Black and Red Flower Vine Screen Print by Shepard Fairey
Black Flower Vine Screen Print

OBEY Giant - Black Flower Vine Screen Print by Shepard Fairey
Red Flower Vine Screen Print

OBEY Giant - Red Flower Vine Screen Print by Shepard Fairey
All three 18” x 24” “Flower Vine” screen prints go on sale later today, Wednesday, April 29th, at a random time. Each color of the print is limited to just 100 pieces, comes signed and numbered by Shepard and will be sold for $45 at the official OBEY Giant online store.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Waffle Micci Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

This has to be the very first designer vinyl figure to ever make The Blot hungry! Fresh out of the waffle maker comes Erick Scarecrow's limited edition, hand painted Waffle Micci resin figure. Doesn’t this Waffle colorway of Scarecrow’s Mousey Micci look scrumptious!?!

The ESC Toy Exclusive Limited Edition Hand Painted Waffle Mousey Micci Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow
The "ESC Toy exclusive" Waffle Mousey Micci resin figure will go on sale this Friday, May 1, 2009 at 11am EST at the ESC Toy eBay store for $95 each. The 6" hand painted resin figure by Erick Scarecrow is limited to only 22 pieces and each figure comes signed, numbered and sealed in a package for protection.
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Barneyism of the Week - The Three Days Rule

“Barney, the Three Days Rule is insane.
I mean, who even came up with that?” - Ted


Seriously, Jesus started the whole wait three days thing.
He waited three days to come back to life.
It was perfect.
If he had only waited one day
a lot of people wouldn’t have even heard that he’d died.
They’d be all, “Hey Jesus, what up?”
And Jesus would probably be all like,
“What Up? I died yesterday.”
And then they’d be all, “Um, you look pretty alive to me dude.”
And then Jesus would have to explain how he was resurrected
and how it was a miracle.
And then the dude would be like, “Ok, whatever you say bro.”

”Wow, ancient dialogue sounds so stilted now.” - Robin

And he’s not going to come back on a Saturday,
everybody’s busy doing chores,
working the loom, trimming their beards.
No, he waits the exact right number of days - three.

“Ok I promise I’ll wait three days just please stop talking” - Ted

Plus, it’s Sunday, so everyone’s in church already.
They’re all in there going, “Oh no Jesus is dead.”

Then BAM he bursts through the back door
runs up the aisle, everyone’s totally psyched.
And F.Y.I. that’s when he invited the high five.

Three days Ted.
We wait three days to call a woman
because that’s how long Jesus wants us to wait.

True story.

How I Met Your Mother - Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
- Barney Stinson

"The Three Days Rule"

How I Met Your Mother
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Chuck - Jeffster Raglan Baseball T-Shirt

Since it’s all Chuck all the time here at The Blot Says… today in honor of the show’s season finale, I thought I’d spotlight one of my favorite Chuck tie-ins: The Jeffster Raglan Baseball T-shirt. The Jeffster Raglan T-Shirt is available now for preorder at the NBC Universal Store for $25 and comes in sizes S-XXL. What better way to show your support for Chuck (and help show NBC why Chuck needs to be renewed for a third season) than by purchasing this awesome black, white and grey tee!

Chuck - The Jeffster Raglan Baseball T-Shirt
Chuck - Jeffster (Scott Krinsky as Jeff Barnes and Vik Sahay as Lester Patel)The amazing wedding band Jeffster made their world television premiere in “Chuck vs. The Best Friend” a few weeks ago and fans have been craving more ever since. The band consists of the Buy More Nerd Herd’s dynamic duo Jeff and Lester (hence the band’s name Jeffster) and are horrifically Awesome! Week in and week out Jeff and Lester make a strong case as the best characters on Chuck, and if you’ve ever seen the show you know why. They are so awkward and ridiculous it makes for truly great television.

The Save Chuck Campaign - Watch/Buy/Share/Write
The Chuck Season 2 Finale airs tonight, Monday, April 27, 2009, on NBC at 8/7c. For helpful ideas of what you can do to help Save Chuck click here and/or here!
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Chuck Season 2 Series Finale Airs Tonight on NBC

Chuck - Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker and Zachary Levi as Chuck BartowskiTonight, Monday, April 27, 2009, is the season finale and possibly the series finale of one of The Blot’s favorite television shows, Chuck. I can’t get enough of the weekly exploits of Chuck, Sarah and the rest of the crazy Buy More Nerd Heard crew. If you follow The Blot on Twitter then you know there is currently a huge campaign led by fans of the show to help convince NBC to give the show a third season. If you’re not following The Blot on Twitter yet what are you waiting for? Head here and sign up today! But I digress….

Chuck on NBC Mondays at 8/7c
Chuck is one of the most consistently entertaining shows on television, but it needs help from fans like you! Although the hour long spy/action/comedy series seems to be on the proverbial bubble, NBC is giving off strong indications they could be persuaded to give the Nerd a Third. NBC has even posted on the official Chuck website “if you love Chuck, show your support by watching this Monday’s finale at 8/7c!” (link)

Chuck - The Staff of the Buy More (Mark Christopher Lawrence as Big Mike, Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes, Scott Krinsky as Jeff Barnes, Julia Ling as Anna Wu & Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski)
Chuck - Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker and Zachary Levi as Chuck BartowskiTonight everyone is encouraged to stop by your local Subway and purchase a $5 Footlong for dinner before going home to watch the Chuck Season Finale at live on NBC 8/7c. Subway is a big sponsor of Chuck and their Footlong subs have been featured prominently in recent episodes. While at Subway be sure to fill out a comment card to let Subway know you’re participating in the campaign to save NBC’s Chuck (of which Subway is a product placement sponsor). This is a great way to show NBC and all of Chuck’s sponsors the value of renewing the show.

The Save Chuck Campaign - Watch/Buy/Share/Write
If you’re interested in finding out other ways to help with the Save Chuck campaign click here! has some great suggestions, including a letter writing campaign to NBC Co-Chairman Ben Silverman. Make sure to include a package of Nerds with your letter to drive home the point to give a Nerd a Third!

Make sure to tune in tonight, Monday, April 27, 2009, to watch the Chuck Season 2 Season Finale live on NBC at 8/7c.
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G.I. Joe SDCC ‘09 Exclusive Destro and Baroness Figures

San Diego Comic-Con International logoWhat The Blot finds really interesting about this year's G.I. Joe San Diego Comic Con exclusives is that once again they are figures of villains. I guess Cobra really is more popular than G.I. Joe! Two years ago it was a pimp daddy, leopard print wearing Destro figure and last year it was a suited Cobra Commander figure. I had been holding out hope we’d be getting a movie version G.I. Joe Mighty Mugg to coincide with the release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but instead we’re getting two G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 3 ¾” Destro action figures and a G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 12” Baroness figure. I guess this really does signal the end of the G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs toy line.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 3 ¾" Destro 2-Pack Special Edition Figures

According to the official Hasbro press release, the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 3 ¾” Destro 2-Pack Special Edition Figures were covertly retrieved from a G.I. Joe evidence storage facility and released by the Cobra Office of Propaganda. This special edition 3 ¾” Destro 2-Pack represents James “Destro” McCullen’s personal bound tome containing the history of the Clan McCullen. The tome opens to reveal two fully articulated 3 ¾” carded McCullen figures with masks and accessories as seen in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, as well as a timeline highlighting the weapons supplying escapades of each McCullen generation throughout history. (link) Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?

Hasbro San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusive - G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 3 3/4 Inch Destro 2-Pack Special Edition Action Figures Packaging
This limited edition G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 3 ¾ inch Destro 2 pack might be my new favorite 2009 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. The Destro 2 Pack will retail for $24.00 and will be available exclusively at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Con 2009 booth. The limited edition Destro 2 pack’s run size is currently unknown.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 12" Baroness Special Edition Figure

Hasbro San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusive - G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 12 Inch Baroness Special Edition Figure PackagingFor fans of 1/6 (or sixthscale) figures Hasbro is releasing the first and only 12 inch Baroness figure as a San Diego Comic Con 2009 exclusive. The figure is modeled after actress Sienna Miller, who portrays the evil Baroness in this summer’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra live action movie, and features a soft goods trench coat and body suit as well as multiple signature weapons. The 12” Baroness figure comes with a Cobra propaganda themed recruiting poster designed by R. Black and comes in a premium faux-leather box with embossed foil.

Hasbro San Diego Comic Con 2009 Exclusive - G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 12 Inch Baroness Special Edition Figure In Package and Poster
The G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 12” Baroness Special Edition Figure will retail for $29.99 and will be available exclusively at Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Con 2009 both. Like the Destro 2 pack, The Baroness special edition figure’s run size is currently unknown.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Star Wars Screen Prints by David Flores

If you don’t know who David Flores is The Blot suggests you head to his official website and familiarize yourself with his artwork immediately. I don’t know exactly what it is about his art that I love so much, but everything he takes and adapts to his style looks so freaking cool. This includes this new Star Wars screen print set released exclusively by Art Asylum Boston, which I absolutely must get.

Star Wars - The Three Amigos by David Flores
Flores’ Star Wars set consists of three prints, "White Rebel" (Stormtrooper), "Dark Lord" (Darth Vader) and "Bounty Hunter" (Boba Fett). Each print is sold separately and has an edition size of 50.

Star Wars - Dark Lord (Darth Vader) Screen Print by David Flores
Star Wars - White Rebel (Stormtrooper) Screen Print by David Flores
The "White Rebel" and "Dark Lord" prints are 5 color screen prints while the "Bounty Hunter" print is a 6 color screen print. Each David Flores Star Wars print is 18 inches x 24 inches and comes hand signed and numbered by Mr. Flores.

Star Wars - Production of David Flores' Bounty Hunter (Boba Fett) Screen Print
Star Wars - Production of David Flores' White Rebel (Stormtrooper) Screen Print
There is still a limited amount of all three Star Wars prints available, and Art Asylum Boston even has matching numbers of all three prints if you are interested in purchasing a complete set. Each David Flores Star Wars print is $75.00 and that includes free domestic shipping. If you’re interested or have any questions contact Art Asylum Boston directly at
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Cartoon Canvases by kaNO

The four pieces of original artwork that make up the Cartoon Canvas Series were created by kaNO for the Street Tribes show he did with Jesse Hernandez earlier this year. Each painting features an iconic cartoon character painted in kaNO’s classic style. The Cartoon Canvas Series includes Papa Smurf, Popeye, Marvin the Martian and Mickey Mouse.

Cartoon Canvas Series by kaNO - Mickey Mouse Painting
Cartoon Canvas Series by kaNO - Papa Smurf Painting
As kaNO explained, “I wanted to do something fun for this set of canvases, so I decided to paint 4 of my favorite cartoon characters. I wanted to see if I could recreate these characters from memory while adding a subtle twist.”

Cartoon Canvas Series by kaNO - Marvin the Martian Painting
Cartoon Canvas Series by kaNO - Popeye Painting
Each piece is entirely painted in acrylics on a 10 inch x 10 inch stretched canvas, and all four are available for purchase right now at The kaNO shop for $300 each.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Unusuals on ABC

So last night The Blot watched the third and fourth episodes of ABC’s new drama The Unusuals. I have no idea how it’s doing in the ratings, but I can honestly say it is probably my favorite new show on television (sorry Dollhouse!). It’s strange, because when promos for The Unusuals first started airing on ABC a few months ago I couldn’t decide if I wanted to give it a shot. I don’t usually like cop shows (besides FX’s The Shield of course) and it stars The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ Amber Tamblyn, both significant reasons for me not to watch. But then I read a few positive reviews and figured what the heck let’s try it out.

The Unusuals Season 1 Television Poster
The Unusuals - Harold Perrineau as Det. Leo Banks, Adam Goldberg as Det. Eric Delahoy & Monique Gabriela Curnen as Det. Allison BeaumontI missed the original airing of the first episode, so I headed to to watch the free replay online. I can’t lie, I was more than a little shocked to realize I actually liked the show! It definitely had a few ridiculous moments, but I thought the stories were interesting and I absolutely loved the motley crew of quirky characters that make up New York’s 2nd precinct. Without a doubt the best part of the show is the interplay between Adam Goldberg’s character Detective Eric Delahoy and his partner Detective Leo Banks, portrayed by Harold Perrineau (one of my favorite television actors of the last 10 years). What’s not to love about watching the Hebrew Hammer and Lost’s Michael Dawson patrol the streets of New York? Plus it’s cool to see two of my favorite actors from Oz, Perrineau and Terry Kinney, share screen time together again.

The Unusuals Season 1 Cast Photo
The Unusuals is definitely not your average police procedural, and if you give it a shot I am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as The Blot has! The Unusuals airs every Wednesday night on ABC directly following Lost at 10/9c.
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Disney x MINDstyle Stitch Experiment 626 Artist Series

This is the type of release that really gets The Blot excited. What started as a traveling custom show entitled Experiment 626 featuring 8 inch vinyl Stitch figures has transformed into a full blown production series of six 5 inch vinyl Stitch figures based on the custom designs of some of the top artists in the game. You all know I’m a huge Disney fan and even though I’ve never seen Lilo & Stitch, I was really pumped to hear Disney and MINDstyle were doing this.

Disney x MINDstyle Stitch Experiment 626 Project Artist Series Vinyl Figures
This new Disney x MINDstyle Stitch Experiment 626 Artist Series really came out firing by featuring some amazing and well known designs by Ron English, Buff Monster, kaNO, Peekaboo Monster and Angry Woebots. If you’re wondering how there are only five artists but six designs, it is because English had two different designs produced (X-Ray and Grin). These figures had their limited release at last weekend’s FX International show in Orlando and will be hitting stores worldwide this summer. I definitely plan on getting a few of these this summer at SDCC.

Each Disney x MINDstyle Stitch Experiment 626 Artist Series vinyl figure will retail for $25 and each design is limited to just 500 pieces.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Where the Wild Things Are Teaser Promo Movie Poster

Jim Henson's The Muppets - Sweetums and Milton Berle in The Muppet MovieDo you know what The Blot sees every time I look at this new Where the Wild Things Are teaser promo movie poster? Sweetums from the Muppets! I know I must sound like a broken record, but why did Jim Henson not make this movie 20 years ago!?! Henson wouldn’t have needed the “high tech” special effects Spike Jonze is utilizing to make Where the Wild Things Are. Back in the day all Henson needed was fabric, foam and lots and lots of fake hair/fur. Heck, Sweetums could have even starred in Where the Wild Things Are as either Tzippy, Moishe or Aaron. Did anyone else know that Sweetums first debuted over 30 years ago in 1971’s The Frog Prince?

New Where The Wild Things Are Teaser Promotional Movie Poster
Where the Wild Things Are premieres in theaters on Friday, October 16, 2009.
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UPDATE: New Green Lantern Uni-Formz Colorway

Yesterday DC Direct released the official solicitations for the upcoming Green Lantern Uni-Formz vinyl figure. You may remember that The Blot was initially concerned that the Modern and Guardian Green Lantern colorways looked almost identical. Thankfully someone at DC realized this too and has changed the colorways from Modern, Guardian and Power Glow to Modern, Classic and Power Glow.

DC Direct Uni-Formz Vinyl Figures - Classic Green Lanter Colorway
The Modern version is dressed in the uniform Green Lantern is currently sporting for the upcoming "Blackest Night" story arc, which features a metallic-like hue. The Classic version features Hal Jordan dressed in his Silver Age tank-top uniform, while the Power Glow version gives GL a translucent green look from his power ring’s solid light energy.

DC Direct Uni-Formz Vinyl Figures - Modern Green Lanter Colorway
Like with the two previous Uni-Formz releases, the Classic and Power Glow colorways will be produced in far lower quantities than the Modern Green Lanter Uni-Formz vinyl figure colorway. Now that the Green Lantern vinyl figures have been officially solicited, The Blot can’t wait to find out which DC Comics super-hero or villain is the next to be give the designer vinyl treatment.

DC Direct Uni-Formz Vinyl Figures - Power Glow Green Lanter Colorway
These limited-edition vinyl Uni-Formz Green Lantern vinyl figures, which go on sale December 16, 2009, each feature 12 points of articulation, stand approximately 8" tall and are packaged in a deluxe 4-color window box.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kidrobot - 3 Inch Endangered Dunny Series

Coming very soon to a store near you (on May 21st to be exact) is Kidrobot’s latest 3 inch Dunny Series entitled Endangered! Kidrobot is getting wild on this super rare “hyper series” of animal themed Dunnys. The Endangered Dunny Series features 15 designs (including 2 chases) by 14 incredible artists.

Kidrobot - 3 Inch Endangered Dunny Series banner
Artists with Dunnys in the series include Amanda Visell, Aya Kakeda, Elizabeth Berdann, Chuckboy, Frank Kozik, Jeremyville, Joe Ledbetter, Kronk, Michelle Valigura, Mr. Shane Jessup, Sket One, Tad Carpenter, Triclops Studio and Touma. Rumor has it Kidrobot’s latest 3” Dunny series will be extremely limited edition, which is how Kidrobot is justifying yet another blind box price increase. The Endangered Dunny Series will now retail for $8.95 a box.

Kidrobot - Photo of the Complete 3 Inch Endangered Dunny Series
And just released yesterday by Kidrobot’s own Toy Baroness comes the above picture of all 13 standard animal Dunnys in the Endangered Series. (link) Can you identify which design goes with which artist? The Touma blue knuckle bear in the back left corner should be obvious. The furry lion is Chuckboy’s and the chainsaw wielding pig is none other than Sket One’s. I’ve figured out most of them, but will leave the fun in identifying them to you! More details to follow as they become available.
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G.I. Joe: Resolute

The Blot was so pumped when I first heard about a new G.I. Joe animated series scripted by comic book legend Warren Ellis set to air on the Cartoon Network’s [adult swim]. While many G.I. Joe stories in the comic books were “adult themed,” this would mark the first time the franchise would be featured in “mature themed” animated series. Plus, airing on [adult swim] gave G.I. Joe: Resolute instant credibility. Credibility that all but went away once I actually watched Parts 1 & 2 of the animated series on Saturday.

G.I. Joe: Resolute logo
Ellis was going for a PG-13 version of G.I. Joe, but all we got was pure bleh! While I thought the updated character profiles and animation was nicely done, the dialogue was mind numbing bad, the voice actors seemed to mail it in, and the storyline was truly painful to sit through. As much as I want to give Ellis the benefit of the doubt and continue watching parts 5-11, I just don’t know if I can do it. The only aspect of G.I. Joe: Resolute I actually liked was the realistic take on the battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra.

G.I. Joe: Resolute banner
Unlike in other series, Hasbro is actually letting characters be killed in the line of duty. Yes it happened occasionally in the comics, but Hasbro has since put a stop to that when it realized it’s harder to sell products of deceased heroes and villains. Knowing a character can actually die in Resolute gives greater weight to the story and makes the outcome of every battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra much more significant. I haven’t read any reviews of G.I. Joe: Resolute yet, so I’d love to hear from all of you. Have you watched it yet? And if so, what’d you think?

G.I. Joe: Resolute will first be released online at as “ten 5 minute episodes and one 10 minute final episode,” before all of the episodes are combined to form one hour long movie scheduled to air on [adult swim] April 25, 2009 at midnight. (link) Two new episodes are set to debut every day, with the first four parts of G.I. Joe: Resolute already available online here. But don’t say The Blot didn’t warn you!
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Baroness’ 30 Customs x 30 Friends Charity Auction

The Blot’s a sucker for a good cause, so I wanted to pass along the details of this charity auction put together by Kidrobot’s Toy Baroness. The following press release is from the Baroness herself:

Baroness Presents 30 Customs x 30 Friends - An Auction to Benefit the Children of Cambodia
30 Customs by 30 Artists: An Auction to Benefit the Children of Cambodia is the first step in trying to help the children that have impacted my life. After traveling to Cambodia last year I fell in love with the people of that country. Every day I think about the amazing children I met and how I could help them. Most of these children lack the necessities of food, clothing, shoes, and transportation. Many can't even afford the pencils and notebooks they need to attend school. So instead of attending class they sell trinkets at the temples in order to survive.

Baroness’ 30 Customs x 30 Friends Charity Auction - MAD Custom Munny
I have reached out to 30 of my friends and asked them to create a custom toy specifically for this auction. Every cent from the sale of these customs will go directly to help the children I have met in Cambodia. With the help of people that I have met in Cambodia, I will be delivering clothing, shoes, books, paper, pens, and bicycles to children of Siem Reap villages. It has been a passion and a dream of mine to use art as a way of helping children and communities all over the World, and I am excited about this first step.

Baroness’ 30 Customs x 30 Friends Charity Auction - Andrew Bell and 123KLAN Custom Munnys
Available now on eBay are one-of-a-kind custom works from: 123KLAN, Alex Pardee, Andrew Bell, Beast Brothers, Brian Morris, DEPH, DEVILROBOTS, FILTH, Gary Baseman, ILoveDust, Jime Litwalk, Joe Capobianco, Joe Ledbetter, Jon Burgerman, MAD, Maze23 Brooklyn, Mori Chack, Nathan Jurevicius, Pon, SEEN, Shawnimals, Sket One, SourBones, TADO, Tara McPherson, TILT, Tim Biskup, Triclops Studios, Urban Medium, and Christian Jacobs of YoGabbaGabba!

Baroness’ 30 Customs x 30 Friends Charity Auction - Jon Burgerman and FILTH Custom Munnys

I am very excited about this opportunity to help people that have impacted me so much. I hope that you find a custom you love and bid! If you are interested in helping in any way I am not only looking for monetary donations- If you can provide clothing, notebooks, papers, or pens that would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me at Also, if you are interested in directly donating to a non-profit for Cambodian Children, please check out The Cambodian Children’s Fund.
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OBEY Giant - Obey Eye Print by Shepard Fairey

The Blot’s been waiting for a print like this from Mr. Fairey for a while now. “Obey Eye” harkens back to some of the classic Obey Giant propaganda prints/posters/pasters that made Andre the Giant Has A Posse, Fairey and Obey so popular in the first place. I can never get enough of Fairey’s faux propaganda artwork.

OBEY Giant - Obey Eye Screen Print by Shepard Fairey
The “Obey Eye” screen print is 18 x 24 inches, comes signed and numbered by Shepard, and has an Edition Size of 450. “Obey Eye” will be $45 each and go on sale Tuesday, April 21st at random time at the OBEY Giant online store.
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