Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How I Met Your Mother’s Impending Renewal and Britney Spears' Impact

I guess its true what they say, you can’t keep a good show down. With Britney Spears much hyped appearance last Monday, CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother achieved its highest ratings ever. According to The Hollywood Reporter “the second week of strong Mother ratings (10.6 million viewers, 4.5 rating for adults 18-49/12 share) assures the one-time bubble comedy will be renewed for the fall. Mother was the fourth highest rated show of the evening and CBS won the night.” (link) For its two weeks back HIMYM has now scored a rating of 9.7 million, 4.3/11 in its first week and now obtained a rating of 10.6 million, 4.5/12 this week. (link)

How I Met Your Mother - Special Guest Stars Britney Spears and Sarah Chalke
You know what this means? As of their first two weeks back on the air from the Writers strike imposed hiatus, How I Met Your Mother has beaten The Big Bang Theory in the ratings both weeks. In its first week back The Big Bang Theory scored a rating of 9.1 million, 3.7/11 and in its second week its ratings actually fell to 8.6 million, 3.4/10.

The Cast of The Big Bang Theory
I would say this proves my theory that it was the 30 minute later time slot which accounts for The Big Bang Theory’s higher ratings over HIMYM earlier in the year, except for one thing. According to the Nielsen Ratings, all of CBS’ Monday night “comedies dropped slightly from their post-strike returns last week.” (link) All except for How I Met Your Mother that is. Obviously this has something to do with Ms. Spears appearance, but it also says something to the show’s popularity and fans' reactions to its bubble status. After a few more weeks of new shows I’d be interested in seeing how The Big Bang Theory and HIMYM’s ratings now compare to the ratings of that same time slot pre-Writers strike. Only then will we be able to see which show truly is more popular.

The Cast of The Big Bang Theory
As for this week’s episode “Ten Sessions” with guest stars Britney Spears and Sarah Chalke I have mixed emotions. While it seems Spears’ stunt casting did help ratings, her character didn’t really bring much to the show. Britney didn’t come off badly Monday night and the show definitely wasn't a train wreck, but she also seemed to just be playing her old crazy self. Plus, I’m not quite sure that role really needed a celebrity in it. Did she really bring anything special to the episode? Not only that, but her name alone over shadowed the appearance of Sarah Chalke who was absolutely fantastic.

How I Met Your Mother - Josh Radner as Ted Mosby and Sarah Chalke as Stella
Also, the episode wasn’t really that funny and most of the main cast seemed pushed to the sidelines until the end when everything was tied together. But I have to say, the scenes between Ted and Sarah Chalke’s dermatologist Stella were really, really great. There was instant chemistry between the two and it made me almost glad Alicia Silverstone ended up dropping out of the role. It’s just unfortunate Chalke won’t be able to return to the show this season. Hopefully Scrubs’ imminent demise will mean future appearances for Chalke on HIMYM.

How I Met Your Mother - Is Sarah Chalke's Stella Ted's Future Wife and Mother of His Children
The biggest debate on the internet now is whether or not Stella/Sarah Chalke is Ted’s future wife and the mother of Ted’s children. I’m going to go with no since that plan was scrapped once Silverstone dropped out of the role and because Stella’s character already has a daughter. That isn’t to say it couldn’t happen and that the daughter in the show’s opening segments to whom future Ted is telling all of his stories to isn't Stella’s biological daughter and Ted’s adopted daughter. This debate brings up the question of which of Ted’s future children is older, the boy or girl? Because if it’s the boy I think that dispels the thought that Stella is Ted’s future wife. I guess with 6 episodes left and the rumor still circulation that we will meet the mother of How I Met Your Mother this season, we’ll know soon enough if Sarah Chalke is the mother or not.
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