Thursday, November 13, 2008

Punisher: War Zone - First Look at Jigsaw

The Blot has been clamoring for months now for a look at something new and different from the upcoming movie Punisher: War Zone other than photos of Ray Stevenson’s The Punisher holding a gun. Thankfully the folks over at Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment have finally answered my pleas by releasing official stills of Dominic West as the villain Jigsaw. These photos are not for the faint at heart, so if you don’t want to look at something truly gruesome look away now! You can also catch a few brief glimpses of West’s Jigsaw in the new Punisher: War Zone movie trailer/television commercial currently airing nationwide.

Punisher: War Zone - Dominic West as Jigsaw
Punisher: War Zone - Dominic West as Jigsaw
The Punisher takes his one man war on crime to the streets (and Punisher: War Zone premieres) on December 5th, 2008.
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