Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kaws Dissected Companion Be@rbricks

When The Blot first heard Medicom would be releasing a series of 1000%, 400% and 100% Be@rbricks based on Kaws’ Dissected Companions I was beyond excited. But now that the first pictures of the Kaws x Medicom Dissected Companion Be@rbricks have hit the web, I am more than a little underwhelmed. These could have been amazing figures, but I was hoping for a little more than printed on organs. This isn’t to say the figures won’t a) sell out instantly and b) fetch a ridiculously high price on the secondary market, they just aren’t blowing me away like I expected them to. Regardless, I’d still love to add one to my collection!

Kaws x Medicom Dissected Companion 100% Be@rbrick
The details on this figure’s release are a little hard to decipher. From what I can tell the Kaws Dissected Companion Be@rbricks is definitely being released in Japan at the Original Fake store on February 28th. What I can’t tell is if this is a Japan exclusive release or if some figures will be released on a later date in the US. I have read conflicting reports.

Kaws x Medicom Dissected Companion 400% and 1000% Be@rbricks
Either way, the figure will be released in all three Be@rbrick sizes, which is very cool. 1000% Kaws Dissected Companion Be@rbricks will retail for $291, the 400% Be@rbricks will retail for $88 and the 100% Be@rbricks will retail for $17.
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