Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dragon Boy Vinyl Figure by Sam Flores

The Blot’s been a huge admirer of Sam Flores art for a long time now, and his Fatima and Tiger Baby figures are part of the reason I became a collector of designer vinyl in the first place. For a number of different reasons I’ve never gotten any of the many Fatima or Tiger Baby colorways, so I’m more than a little excited at the opportunity to pre-order Flores newest figure, Dragon Boy.

Dragon Boy 10 Inch Vinyl Figure by Sam Flores
Dragon Boy Vinyl Figure Side View by Sam FloresKnown for his signature characters based on Asian motifs, Sam Flores has a unique style that translates remarkably well to vinyl. Unlike most vinyl toys, Dragon Boy is made up of three separate pieces giving the illusion of a dragon floating through the clouds. As you can see from the picture above it is truly a stunning piece. What’s really cool about this figure is how detailed it is. The color on the dragon really pops due to its detailed, gradient blends.

The Dragon Boy vinyl figure is 10” tall and has a limited run of 500 units. Sam Flores’ Dragon Boy was created for Upper Playground’s 10th Anniversary and is currently available at the Upper Playground online store for presale (limited to 2 items per customer). Expect Dragon Boy to ship sometime in late-August or early-September.
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