Thursday, July 16, 2009

SLAPt - Transformers “Robots In Disguise Logo” T-Shirt

SLAPt - Transformers Robots In Disguise Logo T-ShirtWhat’s so great about this Transformer t-shirt from SLAPt is that it combines two very different pop culture icons, the Transformers Autobot logo and the mustache! The “Robots In Disguise Logo” tee turns the classic Transformers’ catchphrase “Robots in Disguise” on its head by making it literal. Now the Autobot’s logo really is “in disguise” by wearing a fake mustache. And as we all know, the one sure fire way to make something even cooler than it already is is to add a mustache to it!

SLAPt - Transformers Robots In Disguise Logo T-Shirt Artwork Close-Up
The Transformers themed t-shirt “Robots In Disguise Logo” t-shirt can be purchased here at the SLAPt online store and sells for $15 each.
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