Friday, September 18, 2009

Dunny Series 2009 Golden Ticket PON 3 Inch Pigeon Dunny

Earlier today Pon officially unveiled the design of his Golden Ticket 3” Dunny. It seems like every artist nowadays has a niche, and Pon’s pigeon theme is a great one. I’d dare say he’s done more to improve the image of New York City’s pigeon population than anyone has ever been done before. Pon’s pigeons show up in everything he does, and his GT is no exception. Just check out his great Pigeon Dunny design below:

Kidrobot - Dunny Series 2009 Golden Ticket PON Pigeon Dunny Front and Back
What can I say, The Blot loves the Dunny Series 2009 GT 3 inch Dunny. Now I’ve just got to figure out a way to get one. For those of you willing to shell out some big $$$ for one, Pon’s putting his GT Artist Proofs up for sale tomorrow, Saturday, September 19th, on his online store at 1pm eastern.
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