Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Shortpacked! Amber O’Malley Statue

Shotpacked! by David Willis, The Blot’s favorite web comic about a toy store and the crazy people who work there, is releasing the 6 inch Amber O’Malley figurine seen below in conjunction with the good folks at Patch Together. The Amber statue is the first of what The Blot hopes to be a full line of resin figures based on the cast of Shortpacked!, and is currently available for pre-order here for $39.95.

The Shortpacked! Amber O’Malley Statue by David Willis and Patch Together
As any fan of Shortpacked! can attest, Amber’s weapon of choice is a corn popper push-toy, so no Amber figure would be complete without this classic pre-school toy. Best of all, it even comes with little balls floating in the corn popper push-toy’s translucent resin. How cool is that!?! I have to say, Willis and Patch Together did an excellent job taking a 2D character such as Amber and transforming her into a 3D resin figure.

The Shortpacked! Amber O’Malley Statue Side and Back View by David Willis and Patch Together
This killer statue will only be available via preorder, and the preorder period for the Shortpacked! Amber statue ends on October 11, 2009. So if you’re interested in purchasing one make sure you get your order in before Oct. 11th, because once preorders are closed there will be no additional Amber statues produced. Also, Patch Together is estimating that the Shortpacked! Amber O’Malley statue will ship at the end of the year, and you will not be charged for the Shortpacked! resin figure until the statue becomes available. So go buy one today!
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