Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jamungo BUD Series 3 Red Demon Chase Figure by Muttpop

The Blot’s been itching to find out which of Muttpop’s Lucha Libre characters would be getting the Blow Up Doll treatment by Jamungo, and we now know it’ll be Red Demon. I had been wondering for a while if we’d ever see a 2nd Muttpop character re-interprited in BUD form after 2007’s Tequila chase BUD from BUD Series 2. Now that the annoucement is official, I'm on the hunt to add one to my collection!

Jamungo Blow Up Doll Series 3 Red Demon Chase BUD by Muttpop
According to Muttpop Bob, “based on the stat card included with every BUD Series 3 figure, you have a 2.3% chance of pulling one of the [Red Demon Muttpop] figures out of a BUD 3 Blind Box. So, out of a 1000 Series 3 Blind Boxes, there are only 23 Muttpop Chase figures. Nice! I feel special and very rare.”

Jamungo Blow Up Doll Series 2 Tequila Chase BUD by Muttpop
Jamungo’s BUDs Series III blind boxes will retail for around $10 each and will be in stores shortly.
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