Friday, January 15, 2010

24: Day 8 - New York Gets Jacked

This Sunday a new day in the life of Jack Bauer begins as 24: Day 8 premieres this Sunday on FOX. The Blot’s been following Jack’s exploits since Day 1, episode 1 first aired way back in 2001, and it’s definitely one of the most up and downs shows on television. To be honest, without a DVR I probably would have stopped watching 24 a few seasons ago. I typically fast forward through the slow parts and/or the filler scenes featuring characters I don’t really care about. Day 7 got so bad I stopped watching it for about 6 months and only just finished the season last week, but I’m glad I did because the 2nd half of the season was actually pretty riveting.

24: Day 8 Television Teaser Poster
So at this point you may be asking why am I hyping up 24: Day 8 if the series looks to be on its last legs? Well, I’ve got three main reasons why I think 24 is due for a resurgence:
  1. Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff joins the cast of 24. Katee, even as just a guest star, is pretty much amazing in every show she’s ever been on. Take for instance NBC’s putrid Bionic Woman. Even on a show that bad, Katee’s evil Sarah Corvus was fun to watch!

  2. 24 Season 8 relocates to New York City. After 7 seasons stuck in Los Angeles (I’m choosing to ignore the horrible television movie 24: Redemption which took place in the African country Sangala), Jack finally gets save the world in a new local. NYC has it all, making it a tad bit more believable that Jack can get from one location to the next within the show’s convoluted time constraints.

  3. This might be 24’s last season. If this is truly star Kiefer Sutherland’s final season portraying everyone’s favorite CTU agent then maybe, just maybe, this season will carry a little more gravitas than usual. Who knows, Jack might actually perish when all is said and done!
24 Season 8 Television Poster

Along with Sutherland, 24 Season Eight also sees the return of fan favorites Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian, Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor and Annie Wersching as Agent Renee Walker. The Blot hopes that Glenn Morshower’s Special Agent Aaron Pierce will also make an appearance this season. He is currently the only character, other than Jack Bauer, to appear in all 7 seasons of 24. And what came as a shock to many, Freddie Prinze Jr. joins the cast of 24 this season as CTU agent Cole Ortiz, an ex-Marine who wants to follow in Bauer's footsteps.

24: Day 8 Television Poster
24: Day 8’s 2-night 4-hour season premiere begins this Sunday, January 17th at 9/8c. 24 will then air regularly after that on Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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