Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kidrobot - De La Soul Vinyl Figures 3 Pack

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising, hip-hop pioneers De La Soul have teamed up with Kidrobot to create this limited edition set of 3 inch figures. While this sounds like an awesome release, after looking at the figures The Blot has some serious mixed feelings about KR’s De La Soul 3 pack.

Kidrobot x De La Soul Vinyl Figure 3 Pack
I’m a HUGE hip-hop fan and have been waiting for these long rumored figures for a while. I assumed they were a “must get” to go along with my Stones Throw x Kidrobot Madvillain and Quasimoto hip hop themed vinyl figures. But now that I see these 3” figures, I’m really disappointed. First off, if you hadn’t told me these figures were supposed to be De La Soul, I never would have been able to identify them. I think kaNO summed it up best when he tweeted that one of the figures looks more like Digital Underground’s Humpty Hump than a member of De La Soul. I’m also not thrilled that KR is charging $50 for three 3” figures that might be confused for bootleg Simpsons or Futurama blind boxed figures.

Kidrobot - De La Soul 3 Inch Vinyl Figures
Each De La Soul 3” figure comes with individual accessories, and the set comes in futuristic space travel boxes, which symbolize De La’s mission to take hip-hop to the stratosphere and beyond. Retailing for $50, the De La Soul 3 pack arrives at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers on March 18, 2010.
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