Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Up Edition Blue Wyger Vinyl Figure by Sam Flores

The blue Up Edition Wyger is the third colorway of Sam Flores’ new vinyl figure sensation. The Blot still thinks the OG orange Wyger colorway is still the best, but I do love me some blue vinyl. The Wyger features elegant gradient blends, descriptive tiger stripes and key Sam Flores elements such as the over sized clutched hands and the large Punchinella-esque covered feet. The Wyger gets its name from the amalgamation of the tiger and Upper Playground's iconic mascot, the Walrus.

Upper Playground - Up Edition Blue Wyger Vinyl Figure by Sam Flores
Flores’ blue Wyger stands nearly 10" tall, features two protruding tusks and comes packaged in a double sided window box. The Wyger Up Edition has a limited edition run of only 250 figures and can be purchased directly from Upper Playground here for $85 each.
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