Monday, June 21, 2010

Draw Limited T-Shirts

The Blot recently found out about a really cool art project entitled Draw Limited. Draw in a new company that revolves around simple doodles and drawings, proving there's artistic merit in everyone’s art. What’s really cool about Draw is they’ve taken the traditional user submitted design model (utilized by companies such as Threadless and TeeFury) and flipped it on its head. You see, unlike those other companies Draw actually uses EVERY drawing it gets! How cool is that!?!

Draw Limited logo
To give you an idea how Draw works, the company posts a theme or idea on its website, and users submit their drawings of that theme/idea. The only catch is every aspect of the design has to be hand drawn, i.e. nothing is done on a computer. Draw then takes the designs it receives and makes t-shirts, posters, prints and buttons of the drawings. If Draw doesn’t use the art on a tee, they’ll use it in another medium, but they really do use everything submitted. So, if you’ve always wanted to see your drawings or ideas printed on a t-shirt or button, start visiting and submit a drawing today!

Draw Limited T-Shirts - Lucia by Byron & Innervision by Ricardo Sousa
Cool shirts like the ones seen above can be purchased from the Draw Limited online store for $24 each.
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