Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Custom Kaiju by OsirisOrion for Red Carpet Kaiju Show at TAG

Toy Art Gallery presents Red Carpet Kaiju Group Show
This Saturday is the opening Reception for Toy Art Gallery’s newest group show Red Carpet Kaiju. TAG has invited some of the best monster and kaiju-inspired artists from around the world to showcase their unique visions and talents within this strange and wonderful sub-genre of art toys. OsirisOrion customized an army of killer looking kaiju for the show and these paintjobs were so beautiful The Blot just had to share them:

Custom Melon Burst Zudon & Custom Tropical Terror Marnon Vinyl Figures by OsirisOrion

For the Red Carpet Kaiju show at the Toy Art Gallery, OsirisOrion has customized an Elegab Shuttlegon, Elegab Puppet Minis and an Elegab Monster Patrol Car, two Dream Rockets Marnons and a Zollmen Zudon. You can see all of OsirisOrion’s customs for TAG’s Red Carpet Kaiju show, and more photos of the figures above, here.
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