Monday, August 30, 2010

Robot Chicken Action Figure Series 1 by Jazwares

After the success of Jazwares’ San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive Convention Nerd action figure, the toy company is now releasing a full line of Robot Chicken toys based on the Cartoon Network’s stop-motion animated adult swim television show Robot Chicken! Robot Chicken Action Figure Series 1 includes the Humping Robot with washing machine, the Mad Scientist with Robot Chicken, and Candy Bear with bear trap.

Robot Chicken Action Figure Series 1 by Jazwares
Each action figures ranges in size from approximately 3 1/2 to 6 inches tall, and what’s really great about these Robot Chicken figures are their extra features! The Humping Robot actually humps his washing machine accessory (or really anything you want), and the Candy Bear’s bear trap actually screams when it closes. This could be a really great accessory for artists to customize, especially if you work with a figure whose feet will fit in the bear trap.

While Jazwares’ Robot Chicken Action Figure Series 1 will be sold individually, all three figures are currently available as a set for just $42.99 from Entertainment Earth.

Robot Chicken 10 Inch Action Figure by Jazwares
Jazwares is also releasing a 10" Robot Chicken action figure, which comes packaged in a window box for play or easy display. The 10 inch Robot Chicken figure retails for $20.99 and can be purchased from Entertainment Earth here.

All of the Robot Chicken action figures seen above are scheduled to be released sometime in October 2010.
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