Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Luck on a Spear Panda Dunny by Angry Woebots - 2Tone Dunny Series Sneak Peek

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire that Kidrobot would finally be including a design by Angry Woebots in its upcoming 2tone Series, and yesterday Woe not only confirmed this but leaked a photo of the figure! Woe’s cryptic message on his blog also announced we were just a couple of days away from the series’ get ready!

Kidrobot 2Tone Dunny Series Sneak Peek - Luck on a Spear Panda 3 Inch Dunny by Angry Woebots
The Blot’s been dying for an official Panda Dunny by Woe, and this 3” figure definitely doesn’t disappoint! Woe’s Luck on a Spear Dunny was actually a design he submitted a long time ago and Kidrobot finally had the good sense to put it into production. What have they been waiting for? Not only is the design “killer,” but the figure’s accessory, a dead fish on a spear, is top notch.

According to Woe, he had actually created an updated 2tone version for KR’s next series, but the designer toy company decided to run with his original design. Look for Luck on a Spear Panda Dunny by Angry Woebots AP to drop the day after the release, whenever that might be.
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