Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hermees Vinyl Figure by Gary Ham

Hermees 8 Inch Vinyl Figure by Gary Ham

Check out Hermees, the awesome new vinyl toy by Gary Ham. Hermees is a trickster and international traveler. He's developed quite the reputation and depending on where his journey's take him, he could bring luck, happiness, longevity, disease, or even…DEATH! Based on the 14” handmade wooden Hermees figures released earlier this year, this is second vinyl figure Gary has self-produced. Heremees looks great in vinyl, and The Blot can’t wait to check out this figure in person.

Hermees stands 8" tall with a wing span of 12” and has 8 points of articulation (head, snout, wings, hands and feet). This is quite an intricate figure for a self-produced toy! Hermees has a limited edition run size of 200 figures and retails for just $45. While this pink and brown bat is not scheduled to hit stores until early January, a few are currently available for purchase in Gary Ham’s online store.
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