Friday, March 25, 2011

Super7 Monster Family Releases: Patty Power, Drunk Seijin & Zagarad

Super7 Monster Family Releases: Patty Power by Arbito, Drunk Seijin by KaToPe & the Gargamel x Le Merde Zagarad Vinyl Figures

Later today, Super7's Monster Family gets two new siblings! KaToPe's Drunk Seijin watches from a fantastic planet, as Gargamel and Le Merde shred as one! Then tomorrow, Arbito’s psychedelic hamburger Patty Power cruses in with an all new pearlescent purple vinyl body featuring blue, black and pink sprays. Drunk Seijin is cast in translucent milky-white vinyl with red, black, metallic pink, and silver sprays, and sees all through his three yellow eyes. Zagarad hangs with his tri-ocular bro in tranlucent blue, with dark blue, silver, red, and metallic green sprays.

KaToPe’s Drunken Seijin and the Gargamel x Le Merde Zagarad go on sale today Friday, March 25th, at 12 noon PDT, whole Arbito’s Patty Power goes on sale tomorrow, Saturday, March 26th, at 6pm PDT. All three figures can be purchased directly from the Super7 online store for $30 each.
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