Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TRON: Legacy Disney Vinylmation Series

TRON Legacy Disney Vinylmation Series - Original TRON Kevin Flynn, Older Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn, Quorra & Rinzler Vinyl Figures

While we’ve known for a while Disney would be releasing TRON Vinylmation figures, The Blot had no idea they’d be releasing an entire TRON: Legacy Vinylmation Series! Even better, it’s NOT blind boxed. The TRON: Legacy Vinylmation Series includes a young Kevin Flynn (from the original TRON movie), an older Kevin Flynn (from TRON: Legacy), Sam Flynn, Quorra, Clu, Castor, Jarvis and Rinzler.

Tron Legacy Disney Vinylmation Series - Castor, Clu & Jarvis Vinyl Figures

While most of the TRON: Legacy Disney Vinylmation Series were designed by Eric Caszett, the two Kevin Flynn figures were designed by Thomas Scott. And how cool does the classic Kevin Flynn figure look? This is definitely a must get for The Blot! All 8 TRON Vinylmation figures go on sale this Friday, March 25th, at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as DisneyStore.com. Each 3” vinyl figure will retail for around $12.
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