Monday, June 11, 2012

Enter To Win A Lord Magma Skullendario at

Lord Magma Skullendario Blog Giveaway from The Beast Brothers & Huck Gee

Here’s your chance to enter to win a Lord Magma Skullendario Azteca from The Beast Brothers and Huck Gee! These three amazing artists are teaming up with some of their favorite websites for a very special giveaway to kickoff the release of their newest Skullendario release. Each site will be holding a contest, and the winner from each site will be entered into a drawing for this beautiful handmade figure. To enter The Blot Says’ contest here’s all you need to do: 
  1. Follow The Blot on Twitter at
  2. Tweet the following phrase (without the quotation marks): “I just entered to win a Lord Magma Skullendario figure from The Beast Brothers & Huck Gee at @TheBlotSays! Enter Here:
  3. Then come back to this post and leave a comment with your Twitter username (i.e. @TheBlotSays).
That’s it, that’s all you have to do to enter! Easy enough right? Starting today, Monday, June 11th, you have until Thursday, June 21st, to enter. I will then use to choose the winner from! You can only enter once per site, but this mean you have up to 6 chances to win! Be sure to visit Clutter Magazine, Spanky Stokes, TOYSREVIL, Vinyl Abuse and Vinyl Pulse for 5 more chances to enter.

After the contest ends each on June 21st, each participating website will send The Beast Brothers and Huck Gee the name they have randomly chosen as the winner from their entries. All six entries will then be placed in a hat for a live drawing on Ustream Friday, June 22nd at 12:55pm EST.
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