Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Dunkeys Vinyl Figures by CoolRain

MINDstyle: Dunkeys 23 Figure by CoolRain

Korean artist CoolRain is teaming up with MINDstyle once again, this time to release production versions of his popular Dunkeys figures. Inspired by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Dunkeys are monkeys who dunk sporting NBA game apparel. While I hate Michael Jordan (hey, The Blot’s a Lakers fan), I kinda dig these figures…much more so than the blind boxed NBA line CoolRain released through MINDstyle last year. At least these Dunkeys have some originality to them. My primary issue with these vinyl figures is the same issue I had with that NBA series; their hands, arms and bodies look too much like Michael Lau creations.

MINDstyle: “Dunkeys Triple Threat” by CoolRain - Dunkeys 91 “Simius”, Dunkeys 23 “Pithecuse” and Dunkeys 3 “Mono”

CoolRain's “Dunkeys 23” (the first picture above) is an 18” production figure with a limited edition run size of just 300 pieces and retails for $275. CoolRain's “Dunkeys Triple Threat” is a series of three Chicago Bulls inspired 5” Dunkeys, each sold separately. Dunkeys 23 “Pithecuse”, Dunkeys 91 “Simius”, and Dunkeys 3 “Mono” each have a limited edition run size of 500 pieces and retail for $40 each. All four figures are currently available for pre-order and officially go on sale at retails worldwide on September 29th.
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