Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NBC’s Community Christmas Figurine Set

Community Christmas Figurine Set by NBC

Even though NBC still hasn’t aired Community’s 4th season (is it even still on the air?), they are producing some killer Community merchandise! It almost makes me mad to give NBC money considering how horribly they’ve treated one of my favorite comedies, but this Community Christmas Figurine Set based on the amazing Season 2 episode “Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas” is freaking awesome! Seriously, who doesn’t need 2.5”-4.5” vinyl figures of their favorite Community cast members re-imagined as holiday stop-motion animation characters!?!

The Community Christmas Figurine Set includes Wizard Duncan, Teddy Pierce, Snowman Chang, Jeff in the Box, BallerAnnie, Britta Bot and Troy Soldier. My only complaint is there’s no Abed figure!?! How can you call this a “complete set” without Abed! This holiday set is currently available through the NBC online store on sale for $49.99. Shockingly, this set normally retails for $90.65 (who’s paying that crazy price!?!).
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