Friday, December 14, 2012

Watchmen “Nothing Ever Ends” Screen Print by Anthony Petrie

Watchmen “Nothing Ever Ends” Screen Print by Anthony Petrie

The Blot is so ticked I missed out on this awesome Watchmen screen print by Anthony Petrie!!!! It was released last month as part of Bottleneck Gallery’s “The Gang Is All Here” group art show, an exhibit dedicated to the art industry's legendary cliques, groups, buds, and gangs. There are so many things about Petrie’s design I love, including the layered clockwork pieces in the background.

Watchmen “Nothing Ever Ends” Screen Print  Glow int he Dark Layer by Anthony Petrie.JPG

But where he really killed it is with the clock in the middle, split into pies highlighting the six main characters of DC Comics’ seminal comic book series Watchmen (notice I didn’t call it a graphic novel). Petrie gave each hero their own specific background and the entire image is covered with a top layer you can see in the picture above, which was printed in glow in the ink! I’m just drooling looking at this image now.

“Nothing Ever Ends” by Anthony Petrie is a 5 color, 18”x24” Watchmen signed and numbered screen print with glow in the dark ink. It has a limited edition run size of 100 pieces and originally retailed for just $25!
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