Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Look: Chog Vinyl Figure from the hit Image comic book CHEW!

Image Comics First Look: Chew Vinyl Figure Chog by Skeleton Crew Studio LLC

As you all know there’s nothing that excites The Blot more than when the world of comic books and designer vinyl figures merge. So when writer John Layman started teasing the production of a Chew vinyl figure of a Chog based on the artwork of Rob Guillory I got really excited. A Chog (an amalgam of Chicken and Frog) is actually a new species of frog that had its DNA modified to taste and look more like chicken. You see, in the world of Chew chicken and other bird meats are illegal after a deadly outbreak of the bird flu killed millions of Americans. In order to try to reproduce everyone’s favorite white meat, people were willing to do pretty much anything…even mess with frog DNA to create the Chogs. While Chogs aren’t necessarily a major part of the Chew storyline, they do make for a killer vinyl figure!

Image Comics First Look: Chew Vinyl Figure Chog by Skeleton Crew Studio LLC

Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory (produced by Image Comics) has quickly become one of my favorite books. It’s the story of Tony Chu, a cop who is also a Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. That makes him a pretty awesome detective so long as he doesn’t mind eating some really disgusting stuff.

The Chog vinyl figure was crafted exclusively by Skelton Crew Studio LLC and is scheduled to go on sale in Spring 2013, and is expected to be released in two limited edition colorways: raspberry and yellow, and a do-it-yourself blank white. While I will definitely be grabbing one of these awesome figures, what The Blot is really excited about is a Poyo vinyl figure! Wait, you’re not familiar with the cyber-rooster cockfight champion? Well go read some Chew already!
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