Monday, January 21, 2013

Tracy Tubera 2013 Super Hero Sketch-A-Day

Tracy Tubera 2013 Sketch A Day - Superman

For 2013 artist Tracy Tubera is challenging himself to sit down every day and put pencil to paper. While many artists have tackled this kind of 365 sketch-a-day challenge, Tracy has been killing it by drawing some of his favorite DC and Marvel super heroes in his unique style. If you’re a comic book fan and not already following Tracy on Instgram, do it now! Every day he’s posting another sketch of the industry’s most iconic characters. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Wolverine have already been included…who’s next!?! Seeing these amazing stylized sketches has The Blot trying to figure out how I can get Tracy in my Booster Gold sketchbook.

Tracy Tubera 2013 Sketch A Day - Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman & Bruce Lee

Tracy Tubera 2013 Sketch A Day - Wolverine, Beast, Cable & Colossus

Tracy Tubera 2013 Sketch A Day - Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Nightwing, The Flash & Shazam
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