Friday, January 24, 2014

Rainbow Stroll Custom Dunny Series by Blazon Brikhaus & Spanky Stokes

Blazon Brikhaus x Spanky Stokes Rainbow Stroll Custom Dunny Series

The Blot always loves seeing custom figures of Spanky Stokes’ mascot Stroll, so when Spanky announced a new collaboration with Blazon Brikhaus my ears perked up! Blazon Brikhaus has created the five beautiful Rainbow Stroll Series seen here by customizing 3” production Dunnys. It’s hard to believe there are actually Dunnys underneath all that incredible hand sculpting and painting! Each Rainbow Stroll custom is a one of a kind figure, and go on sale blind bag style today, Friday, January 24th, at noon PST in the Spanky Stokes online store for $80 each.
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