Monday, March 31, 2014

The Rainy Day Antagonist Resin Figure Kickstarter Project by Evilos

The Rainy Day Antagonist Resin Figure Kickstarter Project by Evilos

The super talented artist Evilos has designed his first designer art toy, The Rainy Day Antagonist! This is a character Evilos came up with a very long time ago when rainy weather would cause all sorts of delays to his many custom toy projects. Evilos doesn’t have a traditional indoor studio like many other artists (he works outside), so he has to rely on the great southern California weather to get his work done. The Rainy Day Antagonist personifies the feelings that swell up inside Evilos on those unproductive days.

The Rainy Day Antagonist Do It Yourself Blank White Resin Figure by Evilos

Although the 3D sculpt of The Rainy Day Antagonist has already been created, Evilos needs your help to turn this epic design into a reality! To that end, Evilos has launched The Rainy Day Antagonist Resin Figure Kickstarter project. The KS project has only been live for a few short days, and it’s already 100% funded. Pretty awesome, right!?! That should come as no surprise since Evilos has a growing legion of fans who devour his steady flow of amazing custom figures. Now here’s your chance to get your hands on the very first original Evilos resin figure at a super discounted price!

The Rainy Day Antagonist resin figure stands 4” tall, comes in a blank DIY white colorway, and will be shipped in five pieces for easy customizing. A pledge of just $30 gets you one RDA DIY resin figure, while a pledge of $150 gets you a fully painted RDA resin figure. But that’s not all, there are pledge levels from $5 to $500 with all kinds of really cool rewards. Stretch goals are already in the works, which will unlock Clear and Glow in the Dark Rainy Day Antagonist DIY figures. With 35 days still to go, The Blot can’t wait to see how much Evilos will raise through this exciting Kickstarter project.
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