Monday, April 28, 2014

Justice League Dark “New 52” DC Comics Action Figures - Constantine & Zatanna

One of the The Blot’s favorite parts of DC Comics’ soft “New 52” reboot was the reintroduction of John Constantine into the proper DC Universe. Not only has he left the “mature content” realm of the DC Comics’ imprint Vertigo, but DC gave him two books to headline! One of those books, Justice League Dark, also stars one of The Blot’s favorite characters, the mistress of magic Zatanna! For the past two decades Zatanna toiled in obscurity on the fringe of the DC Universe, but in the “New 52” reboot she thrust back into the spotlight once again.  And nothing shows that more than with the release of these awesome Justice League Dark action figures of Constantine and Zatanna!  Hopefully this is just the start of a new line of JLD action figures from DC Collectibles!

Each action figure in the DC Comics Justice League Dark New 52 toy line stands approximately 6.6”-6.7” tall, features multiple points of articulation, and will hit store shelves in October 2014. Both figures are currently available for pre-order now from Entertainment Earth for $22.99 each here.
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