Friday, October 24, 2014

Bad News 8” & 3” Dunnys by Mishka - On Sale Today!

Bad News 8” & 3” Dunnys by Mishka – Kodiak & Polar Editions

Mishka’s fabled Keep Watch character makes its triumphant return to the Dunny platform later today with the new “Bad News” Dunny release! Engineered to destroy all, the Bad News Dunny features an entirely new sculpt and will be available as both 8” and 3” Dunnys. Not only that, but both size Dunnys come in the brown Kodiak Edition and white Polar Edition. Man, Kidrobot and Mishka knocked this one out of the park. This is definitely one of the cooler Dunny releases in a very long time!

These awesome Bad News 8” and 3” Dunnys by Mishka will go on sale later today, Friday, October 24th. The 8” Polar Edition is available exclusively through the Kidrobot online store and San Francisco and Las Vegas locations, while the 8″ Kodiak Edition can only be found at uber-select Mishka and Dunny retailers worldwide. The 3” versions of both colorways will be available at all of the aforementioned retailers. Happy hunting!
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