Thursday, July 23, 2015

Coming Soon: The Awesome TV Soft Vinyl Figure by Awesome Toys

First Look: The Awesome TV Soft Vinyl Figure by Awesome Toys

If you follow The Blot on Twitter then you know I’m a HUGE fan of TV. So of course I’m really excited about the Hong Kong based Awesome Toys’ newest soft vinyl figure, the Awesome TV! Inspired by the indie toy scene’s extensive selection of customizable platform figures, the Awesome TV is a vintage-styled television that offers sofubi painters, designer toy customizers and even illustrators a unique canvas with infinite possibilities.

First Look: The Awesome TV Soft Vinyl Figure by Awesome Toys

The deceptively simple soft vinyl cube has been fitted with a removable front “screen” panel, so that not only can the outer shell be painted, re-sculpted or mashed-up with other figures, it can also be used to display prints, drawings, photos or even various items inside. Now you too can create your very own television program! Along with blank DIY editions, Awesome Toys already has some really cool releases planned for this new figure, including a number of artist collaborations, exclusive colorways, plus integration with previous Awesome Toys figures.

Pictured above are some vinyl test pulls of the upcoming Awesome TV sofubi. The Blot’s really digging its simplicity. So, what do you think!?! Look for Awesome Toys’ first Awesome TV colorway to be available for pre-order soon! You can keep track of this new figure’s progress by following Awesome Toys’ Instagram feed here.
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