Monday, July 24, 2017

Marvel’s The Gifted X-Men TV Series Teaser Posters

Marvel’s The Gifted X-Men Television Series One Sheet Teaser Posters

The new television show The Blot is most looking forward to this fall is Marvel’s upcoming X-Men series, The Gifted! The trailer coming out of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 last weekend looks fantastic, and has me really excited for this new show. I love the idea of a more grounded, street level look at mutants in a world where the X-Men do (or did?) exist, but is separate from the X-Men movie universe.

Along with LEGION on FX, FOX and Marvel seem to really know what they’re doing bringing the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe to the small screen. What really blew me away was that the series will be starring some well known X-Men characters, such as Polaris, Thunderbird and Blink – plus an all new mutant created for the show, Eclipse. Look for The Gifted on FOX this Fall 2017!
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