Thursday, April 18, 2024

“We’re all just doing our best, threaded to a hospital bed” Timed Edition Screen Print by Daniel Danger x Bottleneck Gallery

“We’re all just doing our best, threaded to a hospital bed” Timed Edition Screen Print by Daniel Danger x Bottleneck Gallery

Yesterday, Bottleneck Gallery put together an epic new release to aid the lost boy-king of Ghost Island, Daniel Danger, with all proceeds from the sale of this print going to the beloved artist to help with the health issues his family has been dealing with lately. This is an art print of a gig poster for a recent Primus concert designed by Danger.

“We’re all just doing our best, threaded to a hospital bed” by Daniel Danger is a 24”x36” signed and numbered 7 color screen print. The run size for Version A and Version B will be set by the number of prints purchased at from now through 11:59pm ET on Thursday, April 18th. Each print will retail for $75 or you can purchase a matching number set for $145.

As BNG explained, “Daniel Danger is a legend. Initially beginning as collectors before creating Bottleneck, we’ve been mesmerized and drawn into Daniel’s brilliantly melancholic art for almost two decades. Daniel’s long-spanning print career has always orbited around gig posters, and despite having one of the most riveting and successful years of his artistic career recently, Daniel and his family have also been dealing with serious and severe health issues. It’s been a genuine dream working together with Daniel, and we want to give back to an artist that gives this corner of the art world so much of himself. We’re teaming up with Daniel to release an art print edition of his recent Primus gig poster – an absolute stunner, we should add – and 100% of the proceeds from this release will go directly to Daniel and his family.”

From the artist, Daniel Danger: “I’ll avoid getting into specifics, but my wife Rebecca has been very sick the last few months. 48 hours after I was discharged from the hospital from my own two month battle with septic level post-covid pneumonia and the discovery of a pulmonary embolism, I was suddenly carrying her into the ER one Sunday night. Our life since has just been hospital stays, a half dozen ERs, a couple ambulances, endless specialists, and a confused five year old. She’s currently a quarter step above outright disabled, unable to do much of anything, and it’s been an intense, engulfing and terrifying experience for our family. My wife and I are both small business owners; she’s a freaking saint and works with people largely on the autism spectrum, and I obsessively draw weird houses and ghosts because of the autism spectrum. We’re by no means financially doomed by this, but back-to-back completely debilitating illnesses have pretty much annihilated our savings, as being sick in America is very very expensive, and two businesses were left hemorrhaging money in our absence. Simply put, if you can, now would be an extremely good time to pick up a Daniel Danger print.

There’s an old house in Florence, MA on the way to our doctor’s office that someone’s been slowly gutting, and I’ve been watching this play out in real time as we pass it, which has been a regular thing since I was near death a few months back. I’ve been thinking about our failing medical system, about Hygieia the goddess of health, angry about prayer, about the fun trip to CA we were supposed to take with our 5 year old daughter, about the fast food I stress eat in the car, about this beautiful person in my life threaded to a hospital bed, to an ambulance, to a failing house that hopefully gets rebuilt, and all I can do is stand atop it all and try and do my best to keep it together. A looming forgetting of being carefree, of youth; existing in the shadow of the happiest place and feeling overwhelmed by its absence. This started as a gig poster for PRIMUS, I was sketching but I didn’t even really think about the band, other than knowing Primus of all bands would be OK with me doing what I *needed to* creatively, what my brain had to get out. The band would be the temporary carrier of these feelings. I spent the last few days reworking the piece to a larger format, expanding the colors, and doing a lot of cleanup work on this bizarre illustration I did while deliriously tired, and this was the result.”

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