Monday, December 14, 2009

Heels&Zimerman x Muttpop The Junior Vinyl Figure

Heels&Zimerman x Muttpop The Junior Vinyl Figure
Heels&Zimerman, a full-bore attitude company, is collaborating with Muttpop, one of The Blot’s favorite toy makers, on a limited edition 8 inch "The Junior" vinyl figure. The Junior is a speedo sporting antics assassin, and also the man-boy mascot and mouth of H&Z. After seeing the awesome preliminary sketches for The Junior by Muttpop's Gobi, The Blot can’t wait to see the final product.

The Junior and the Heels&Zimerman x Muttpop Junior Vinyl Figure Preliminary Sketches by Gobi
Heels&Zimerman was launched earlier this month by a skater/creator crew as an outlet for their attitudes and world views. H&Z presents North American made fresh culture clashes and clued in communiqué on cotton canvas, ollie popping 7 ply maple and the pulped pages of Papercraft and Collection One. You can follow the progress and process of the Heels&Zimerman x Muttpop 8” The Junior vinyl figure here, and to learn more about The Junior's ridiculous escapades, check out a few crazy video clips staring The Junior shot by H&Z’s low-budget film crew here.
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