Saturday, November 21, 2015

DCon Exclusive Alien vs Predator Resin Figure Set by Special Ed Toys

Designer Con 2015 Exclusive Alien vs Predator Resin Figure Set by Special Ed Toys - ET vs Michael Jackson

Special Ed Toys is releasing this hilarious Alien vs Predator resin figure set at Designer Con 2015, and I have a feeling it’s going to sell out very quickly! As opposed to the classic sci-fi killers, this set includes a slightly modified vintage ET toy and a complete resin Michael Jackson figure. Both figures are 3.75” scale, come hand cast and painted, and are packaged on full color retro blister cards. Limited to just 30 sets, these figures can be purchased at the DKE Toys DCon booth for $100.

As Special Ed Toys gave a cool explanation behind the creation of these figures: “They came into our lives in the 80s, “touching” us in ways we could never imagine. One from the stars and the other a big shining star on Earth. But as quickly as they touched our childhoods, they were gone. But now they're back...and they're coming after your fondest childhood memories and there's no telling who will win. Will it be the Reese's pieces peddling Alien or the Pretty Young Predator in disguise? One thing's for sure, no matter who wins, your childhood loses.”
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