Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Blot Wins His Fantasy Football League In Overtime

Only those of you who “play” fantasy football can relate to the weekend I’ve had. My fantasy squad, Team LoneStar, under performed for a month straight and started the season 0-4. I almost thought my season was over before it began. But then I finally put together two wins in a row and finished the season winning 8 of my last 9 head-to-head games to make it into the playoffs as the #3 seed.

The Blot Wins His 2008 Fantasy Football Championship Game
Chicago Bears Rookie Running Back Matt ForteAt this point I had also taken over as the league leader in points which was no small accomplishment since my team obviously wasn’t playing very well back in September. Then after steamrolling through the first two rounds of my fantasy league’s playoffs, I found myself playing in my Fantasy Super Bowl against the second highest scoring team in the league. I know Greene’s reading this so I will give him his due; his team kicked my butt all weekend. I was down huge at one point (at least 35 points), but my squad kept clawing their way back. In the end it came down to one game, Monday Night Football’s matchup of the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

Monday Night Football - December 22, 2008 - Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears - Bears RB Matt Forte Runs Into Green Bay Defenders Aaron Kampman and A.J. HawkI was losing by 14.88 points going into tonight's game, Greene’s team was done playing and I just had Bears rookie RB Matt Forte still to play. With 3 minutes left and the game tied, Green Bay had the ball and I was still losing by .25 points. It was a minor miracle that with 30 seconds left the Bears blocked Green Bay’s game winning field goal to force overtime and give Team LoneStar the glimmer of hope it needed. The Bears won the overtime coin toss, drove the field on the back of Forte and in the process of winning the game gave The Blot his league’s 2008 Championship. I know its dorky, but Aly and I were jumping around screaming as the field goal attempt was blocked and I realized I still had a chance at a championship. When the game was finally over and I had actually won I still couldn't believe what had happened. It was a crazy night and an even better ending!
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