Monday, December 1, 2008

Muraida Midnight Snack Colorway by Erick Scarecrow

In honor of Esc-Toy’s 3rd anniversary, the designer toy company founded by creator Erick Scarecrow is offering its fans a very special offer. Released on “Black Friday,” November 28th, 2008 at 12am EST is the 10 inch vinyl figure Muraida Midnight Snack Colorway. Muraida is the latest figure in Erick Scarecrow’s Old Skool Kaiju (OSK) series and this graffiti artist gone bad looks amazing.

Muraida 10 Inch Vinyl Figure Midnight Snack Colorway by Erick Scarecrow
This ravaging muck of vinyl comes in at 10” with 6 points of articulation and is limited to just 200 pieces. Muraida comes packed in a window box, signed by Erick Scarecrow and can be purchased at the Esc-Toy eBay Shop (where it is still available!) for the very special “Black Friday” price of just $49.99!
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