Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kidrobot x Stones Throw Quasimoto Vinyl Figure

Kidrobot x Stones Throw Madvillain Vinyl FigureThe Blot cannot believe that this long rumored figure is finally being produced! As you all may remember, it was the Kidrobot x Stones Throw Madvillain vinyl figure (released back in January 2007) that originally got me into the designer vinyl scene. Since that time it had been heavily rumored that a Kidrobot x Stones Throw Quasimoto would be following it, but after two years I had basically given up hope. Then yesterday Stones Throw announced that not only was the figure in production, but it would be hitting store shelves next month! (link) Needless to say The Blot is all kinds of excited.

Kidrobot x Stones Throw Yellow Quasimoto Vinyl Figure
Quasimoto (a.k.a Lord Quas) is the alter ego of California hip-hop producer/rapper Madlib, who has released two albums under the guise of this fictional high pitched hip-hop artist. Coincidently, Madlib is also one half of the hip-hop duo (along with MF DOOM) that makes up Madvillain, the fictional rapper the first Kidrobot x Stones Throw vinyl collaboration was based on. The Quasimoto vinyl figure is based on the drawings of Jeff Jank, but the “character we know today was first drawn by DJ Design (credited as Keith Beats) for Quasimoto’s ‘Microphone Mathematics’ single. (link) To find out more about the history of Lord Quas check out this great article here.

Kidrobot x Stones Throw Blue Quasimoto Vinyl Figure
Each 8 inch Quasimoto vinyl figure comes with a brick and spliff “cigarette” accessories, and will be produced in two different colorways, yellow and blue. Both colorways will be produced in equal quantities and retail for $49.95 each. The figure will be released on February 19, 2009, but a limited number of the Quasimoto 8” vinyl figures are available right now for pre-sale at Stones Throw's online store. You can pre-order the yellow Kidrobot x Stones Throw Quasimoto vinyl figure here and the blue Kidrobot x Stones Throw Quasimoto vinyl figure here.
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